4 – Make Dining Reservations

Quick take: Disney offers great dining options, but their restaurants often fill up. Make your reservations in advance.

Are you someone who enjoys a diet of mostly on-the-go, fast-food types of meals? Disney has you covered, with plenty of quick service dining locations where you can get a fast and relatively inexpensive meal.

However, if you enjoy sit down meals, you might be surprised at the huge array of options available to you. From seafood to French food, from dining in a German Beer Garden to trying unique Asian-inspired dishes, Disney has dozens and dozens of different restaurants that span the full spectrum of tastes and budgets.

Bad News: These restaurants are very busy. If you don’t have a reservation, you either may have a very long wait, or you won’t be able to get in at all.

Good News: Disney offers Advanced Dining Reservations (called ADRs). You can book your table up to 180 days in advance (or 190 days if you are staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, which allows you to book all your reservations for your entire trip in one call vs. calling back each day at exactly the 180 day mark).

If you plan to enjoy any sit down meals, I highly recommend making Advance Dining Reservations for as many of these experiences as possible. It will save you plenty of time waiting for a table and potential disappointment over not being able to get into the restaurants of your choice.

Take away: You can make your dining reservations on the Disney web site, by calling 1-407-WDW-DINE (939-3463), or by working with your travel agent.

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