When Bad Things Happen to Good Disney Vacations

Even though Walt Disney World is known as the most magical place on earth, bad things can and do happen. Whether you’ve forgotten or lost something important or the weather just isn’t cooperating, there may be some disappointments during your vacation. However, Cast Members can fix most things; even though they can’t fix the weather, they do help you stay dry and have fun.

So, what do you do when things aren’t going your way? Sing a little Hakuna Matata, and take some suggestions from this article.

Forgot Something at Home

You’ll find a convenience store in each of the Disney resort hotels that sell everything from personal care items to magazines. If you forgot something or run out of something, don’t worry. If you can’t find it at your resort, there are a ton of stores just outside of Disney property. You can get just about anything you need pretty quickly.  With grocery delivery options like Instacart, you don’t even have to drive to get the things you need.

If you forgot something like your MagicBand, don’t panic. Just head over to Guest Relations in any of the parks or the front desk at your hotel, and they’ll be able to replace it. While you’ll probably have to show your ID and you might have to pay a small fee, it’s better than paying again for park admission!

If you have a plastic card with your park tickets, it’s a good idea to keep a photo of the back of your card on your phone so the Cast Members can look up your card number and provide you with a new one.

Disney Cast Members can help you solve issues of things forgotten at home.
Disney Cast Members can help you solve issues of things forgotten at home.

Lost Something

We take a lot of things with us on vacation, and since we move around so much, it’s easy to lose things.

If you lose your MagicBand or it falls off somewhere, deactivate your band on the MyDisneyExperience app and head over to Guest Relations or your hotel’s front desk. They’ll be able to replace your MagicBand for a small fee. The same process is true if you have lost your plastic card.

If you’ve lost something like sunglasses, eyeglasses, a wallet, or your child’s favorite toy, where you’ll go depends on where you lost it.

If you think you lost your item in the park, first go to the location where you think you may have lost your item. If it’s not there, go to Guest Relations in the park. If you lost your item that day, chances are that it’s at Guest Relations. If a day or more has passed, the item was probably sent to the Lost and Found Office at the Transportation and Ticketing Center. Valuable items like wallets and cameras are kept for 90 days while less valuable items like sunglasses are held for 30 days. If you don’t realize your item is lost until you return home, you can call the TTC and describe your item.

Disney Lost and Found can often help.
Disney Lost and Found can often help.

If you lost something or left something at your Disney Resort Hotel, it will be in the Lobby at the Concierge Desk. You can head there if you’re still on property or call them if you’ve already returned home. Something left on a Disney Bus is dropped off at the nearest Guest Relations, and things lost on the monorail are kept until the end of the day when they’re transferred to TTC. Disney Springs keeps lost items at Guest Relations for three days and then sends it to the TTC. ESPN Wide World Of Sports keeps all lost items there. If you left something on Disney’s Magical Express, you can call 1-866-599-0951 if it’s been less than 30 minutes or 407-423-5566 if it’s been more than 30 minutes.

You can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of Good Samaritans in Disney World who are happy to take a lost item to a Cast Member. There’s a good chance that if you lose something, you will find it again.

Lost Child

If you become separated from your child while you’re in Walt Disney World, try to remain calm and remember this saying: “There are no lost children in Disney World- only lost parents.”

I know; it sounds so easy to say until it actually happens, but keeping a clear head will help you reunite with your child much faster.

There are a few things you can do preemptively to make sure that your child is found quickly. Take a picture of your child before you leave your hotel room. This way you know exactly what your child is wearing and you can circulate this photo if necessary so other people can see him or her exactly the way they look that day. You should also familiarize your child with what a Cast Member looks like. Tell them to look for the classic nametag and that if there’s ever a problem, these people will be able to help.

Once you realize that your child is not with you, tell the nearest Cast Member. They are specially trained in finding children. In most cases, you can find your child before your children even realize you’re looking for them. This happens all the time.

Disney routinely reunites parents and children, often very quickly.
Disney routinely reunites parents and children, often very quickly.


Disney World guests have experienced everything from a sunburn to a broken leg. Most people are surprised to find out that every park has at least one First Aid station that can handle just about any illness or injury.

If you get sick or injured in one of the parks, grab your MyDisneyExperience app and find the closest First Aid Station (Hint: it’s near the Baby Care Center). These areas have nurses or physician assistants on staff with private treatment rooms and even some commonly used medications. Most ailments can be treated right in the parks!

If you need medical attention in your hotel room, call the front desk. They can give you contact information for Walk-In Clinics close by, most of which even provide complimentary transportation, and accept most insurances. There are also pharmacies nearby that will deliver a prescription to your hotel. If you don’t feel like you can leave your room, Disney’s doctors can make a house call where the doctor will come to your room and treat you. While this is the most expensive option, it’s good to know that it is available if you need it.

Disney can help you get the medical attention you need.
Disney can help you get the medical attention you need.

Car Troubles

If your car is the one that gets sick, call or visit the Car Care Center in Magic Kingdom‘s Toll Plaza. They have an auto-repair garage on site open from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm on Saturday, and 7 am to 3 pm on Sundays. They provide roadside assistance on property up to one hour after the parks close, and they’ll even provide complimentary towing for your car and transportation for you to the TTC so you don’t miss a minute of your vacation time. If your car is going to take a few days to repair, you’ll find plenty of rental car options on site.

If you break down in the parking lot, you can flag down Disney World Security who patrols the parking lots even after the parks close.

Yes, Disney can help you work through car troubles too!
Yes, Disney can help you work through car troubles too!

Weather Worries

Unless the weather is dangerous, Disney World will remain open. Since many of the rides, attractions, and shows are indoors, you’ll still be able to enjoy yourselves in the rain. If you need to be outside, you can purchase ponchos in the parks from carts that come out only when it rains. However, it rains often and randomly in Florida, so it’s probably a good idea to bring a poncho from home instead of purchasing the expensive ones in the parks.

If there is severe weather that requires the parks to close (which is rare), the Disney Resort Hotels will amp up their entertainment and food offerings. There are many stories of people riding out a hurricane in Disney World. They say that they had a lot of fun and were totally satisfied with the experience.

Another weather trouble comes in the form of temperature. Many people assume that it’s always warm in Florida, but that isn’t true. There are early mornings and late nights that drop as low as 30 or 40 degrees in the dead of winter. Be sure to dress in layers and bring lots of variety. If you forget a sweatshirt, head to the closest gift shop, buy yourself a Disney one, and keep having fun!

A bad weather day in Disney is better than a good weather day at work!

Have you ever had a Disney vacation go bad?