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Disney Updates Transportation Vehicles

Over the past couple of months, Disney has made some soft changes to the parking lot trams, buses, boats, and monorails. Some of these changes actually improve the service that you experience while others simply make the transportation look better.

The changes are pretty small, so you might not even notice them, but you’ll definitely appreciate them.

When talking about the changes, Disney’s Vice President of Transportation Operations said, “Our buses, monorails, boats, and trams aren’t just modes of transportation for our guests. They are a part of the fun and a part of the immersive Disney experience.” This is a true statement! It’s something that makes Disney unique, and not having to drive all over Disney World is a real time and money saver!

Let’s take a look at the changes Disney has made in their transportation services.


The parking lot trams are a welcomed convenience for people who drive to Disney World. The parking lots are huge, and it can be quite a walk from your car to the gates. Then, at the end of the night, the trams will take you back to your car. After a long day of walking on very tired legs, drivers really appreciate the lift.

Disney is updating the trams to make them quieter.
Disney is updating the trams to make them quieter.

One complaint that guests had about the trams was that they were loud. Now, guests will enjoy a quieter ride experience from the parking lot to the park’s gate. The trams also got a new paint scheme inspired by the monorail colors.

In order to find the tram stops, there is signage in the parking lots. However, the signage was kind of boring. Now, Disney has added new signage that is both fun and playful playing off of the theme of each of the parks and over all Disney style.


Buses are probably the most widely used form of transportation at Disney World. Every one of the Disney resort hotels has at least one bus stop, and some have several. Any Disney Resort guest can use the Disney bus system for free to go virtually anywhere on Disney property. It’s only natural that the buses would receive updates.

The buses were recently retrofitted with screens above their windshields displaying the approximate wait times for each of the theme parks. They were also given more comfortable seating and improved GPS monitoring. Some even have the capability to give riders a custom light show while on board!


Many of the Disney Resort Hotels have ferry service to and from the Disney parks and Disney Springs. While the boats aren’t a hugely popular mode of transportation in Disney World, they are important, and they’re a great option for quickly traveling from one placed to another connected place.

The Cast Members who drive the boats are now wearing updated costumes look modern and stylish.


The monorail is the most unique form of Disney transportation, and it’s like a ride in itself. It truly is as much about the experience as it is about getting from one place to another.

Disney monorails are getting behind the scenes updates.
Disney monorails are getting behind the scenes updates.

Monorail drivers are now wearing new costumes complete with badges representing the 12 colors of the monorails. However, these drivers may not be on the monorail much longer. There is a change coming to the technology on the monorail that may result in automated and driverless monorail trains.

Does Disney need to upgrade its transportation systems?