Sign for wagon selling Hot Fresh Popcorn

If you like popcorn, you know that just the aroma is unmistakable and inescapable. It’s a classic treat that satisfies the savory taste buds like nothing else.

Like almost anything else I can think of, the popcorn is better in Disney World. Of course there’s the classic butter flavor, which is still a favorite, but Disney has somehow made popcorn better by adding flavors.

First, the Future World Gourmet Popcorn Cart in Epcot served up Cheddar Cheese, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, and Sour cream and Chive.

Now, Magic Kingdom has gotten in the game with the Frontierland Popcorn Cart now serving Maple Popcorn! The only thing that could make that better is that it’s eligible for refills!

Hot, Fresh, Maple Popcorn now available in Frontierland!
Hot, Fresh, Maple Popcorn now available in Frontierland!

The Maple Popcorn flavor fills a void in the flavor and texture category. It’s a sweet flavoring where as most others are savory.  What’s more, the texture is different as well; it tastes more like kettle corn than air-popped corn.

So if you’d like to try the new flavor, stop by Frontierland. A regular size is $5.25, and the refillable souvenir bucket with popcorn is $11.00 and $1.50 per refill, which is good for the length of your stay. You can also use your Disney Dining Plan snack credit!

Have you tried Disney’s new Maple Popcorn?