Are Disney Trading Pins the Ultimate Cure For the “I Miss Disney” Blues?

Are you a Disney fan?

Do you miss the magic of the Disney Parks when you can’t be on vacation?

Me too.

Fortunately, there are many ways we Disney fans can get a dose of magic when we are away from the parks. This includes movies, magazines, and searching the internet for the latest news and information.

These are all great ways to enjoy some Disney fun, but I think that one of the very best ways to relive some Disney fun is with Disney Trading Pins.

A Quick History of Pins

While Disney Trading Pins have actually been a part of the Disney Parks experience since the very beginning, but it wasn’t until 1999 and the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World that Disney started to make a significant push into pins (no pun intended!).

You probably know what Disney Trading Pins are: small pins that celebrate Disney characters, icons, attractions, and even events. They start at an affordable $8 each, but can cost more.

Fortunately, Disney fans can get into pins quickly and very inexpensively.

Disney Trading Pins are a great way to chase away the "I Miss Disney" blues!
Disney Trading Pins are a great way to chase away the “I miss Disney” blues!

Why Pins Are Awesome

I think that pins can be one of the best cures for those of us who miss Disney.


Let’s take a look:

1 – Works Of Art

Each Disney Trading Pins is a little work of art! Created by artists from the Disney Design Group, each pin is made with the careful attention to details that you expect from Disney. From the integrity and look of the characters to the quality of the construction of the pin itself, each pin delivers exceptional Disney quality. You can appreciate each pin for the beauty, design, and excellence it offers.

2 – Tradable

While it is fun to collect pins, it can be even more fun to share the joy of Disney Trading Pins with other fans. Inside the parks, you can trade two pins with each Cast Member. It is a fun way to mix up your collection and meet some great people. Many folks also trade with other guests in the parks, and some even trade during special events outside the parks or over the internet. It is an easy, fun way to enjoy Disney Trading Pins with others.

Each Trading Pin in a little work of art.
Each Trading Pin in a little work of art.

3 – Easy To Collect

Some souvenirs or collectible items can come with hassles. They may cost a lot of money to get, they may be fragile, or they may take up too much space. Fortunately, none of those drawbacks apply to Disney Trading Pins. You can start your collection with just a few dollars and grow it over time. Pins are sturdy and small, which means you won’t need special display cases to protect them or rooms in your already crowded house to store them.

In Summary, Pins Are Awesome

Over the years Disney has produced thousands of different Disney Trading Pins. Why does Disney go to all that trouble and expense? Because Disney fans of all ages and all types love Disney Trading Pins!

Whether you are looking for a new way to experience some Disney fun at home, or are a Disney expert who wants to build a collection with your family, Disney Trading Pins are a great way to cure your “I miss Disney” blues.

Are you a fan of Disney Trading Pins?