Sign for Carousel of Progress with show building behind at night

Disney Ticket Prices for 2022: Same Prices, But More High-Priced Day

It’s February, so it must be time for the annual rite of Disney World changing ticket prices.

This year, of course, is a very different year.

Variable Pricing

Disney charges different amounts for daily admission depending on the day of the year.  The prices range from $109 per day on the low end to $159 per day on the high end.

For example, you can get a one-park ticket on September 7, 2022 (a slower time of the year) for $109.  Admission on December 28, 2022 (a very busy time of the year) is $159.

Calendar Adjustments

The lowest price point and the highest price point for tickets did not change for 2022.  However, Disney adjusted their pricing calendar so that fewer days are marked at the lowest price point and more days are marked at the highest price point.

Overall, this means that Disney has – in a way – likely increased the revenue they will receive from tickets, even though the price points ranging from $109 to $159 did not change.  It also means that you might end up paying a bit more for theme park admission, depending on the days you visit.

Glad that Disney didn’t raise the price points for tickets in 2022?