Disney Announces Ticket Price Increase For 2013

Prices go up, and now the Magic Kingdom costs more than the other Disney parks.

It’s a sad but expected rite of spring: Effective Sunday, June 2, 2013, Disney put into place its yearly price increases.

Normally Disney is the leader in the race to increase Orlando theme park ticket prices, followed in lock step by Universal and Sea World. This year, however, Universal was the leader by being the first to raise its price for a single day to more than $90. Now, Disney has followed less than two weeks later.

As of now, Sea World still charges $89 with a $10 discount for buying on-line, but they will likely come into line and raise their prices too.

Single Day Ticket Increase

With the price increase Disney has also made a change – it now costs more to visit the Magic Kingdom than it does to visit the other Disney parks of Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. A single day ticket to the Magic Kingdom is $95 for adults (ages 10 and up) and $89 for children (ages 3 – 9). The other parks now cost $90 for adults or $84 for children.

These represent increases from last year’s prices of $89 for adults and $83 for children for all the parks.

Disney has announced its yearly price increases for 2013.

Disney has announced its yearly price increases for 2013.

The prices of Magic Your Way (multi-day tickets) as well as the Park Hopper option and Water Park option also went up.

Adults (Ages 10 and up)

  • Two-Day: $184
  • Three-Day: $262
  • Four-Day: $279
  • Five-Day: $289
  • Six-Day: $299
  • Seven-Day: $309
  • Eight-Day: $319
  • Nine-Day: $329
  • 10-Day: $339

Children (Ages 3 – 9)

  • Two-Day: $172
  • Three-Day: $244
  • Four-Day: $260
  • Five-Day: $270
  • Six-Day Adult: $280
  • Seven-Day: $290
  • Eight-Day: $300
  • Nine-Day: $310
  • Ten-Day: $320

Annual Pass Price Increase

Basic Annual Passes for non-Florida residents went up by $35 to $609, and all the other types of passes – for Florida residents, renewals, and DVC members – went up too.

Parking Increase

While Disney was at it, they raised the price of parking from $14 to $15 per vehicle.

Water Parks Increase

It now costs $53 for adults and $45 to children to get into Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon.

Big Investments – Big Price Bumps

Disney has been investing heavily in its theme parks recently – with everything from spending $1 billion on NextGen to the New Fantasyland. And the price of admission tickets is usually a relatively small percentage of a vacation cost for those who travel compared to the total overall cost of transportation, lodging, and meals.

Still, these ticket prices represent some big numbers.

What do you think about these price increases?



About the author

Herb is the founder, author, webmaster, chief executive, and chief bottle washer for World Of Walt – and he is the Disney enthusiast who put this site together. Ever since his parents took him to the Magic Kingdom on a family vacation as a youngster, he has had an interest in the magic that Disney creates for families.

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  • Gilbert Henry

    I get it that Disney in spending lots of money to upgrade their parks, but I just wonder how some families can afford to pay these prices.

  • Kathleen Lasher-Scharlau

    It is going to be hard to have a family spend so much money. I wouldn’t mind the prices going up either but, It is a well known fact that they don’t pay the employees very well.

    • Andrea Conti

      I know, I worked for them and very hard. They even make you work when you get injured on the job.

  • Sherree’ Wilkey

    Disney is pricing many families out of a Disney vacation! Used to go every year for 7-9 days with a stay at a moderate resort. Last year went for 1 day with 2 nights at a value resort. Not going at all this year. 🙁

  • EJParsons

    The longer you stay, the cheaper it is. I’d say that’s smart marketing. Also, if staying on the Disney property is too much, there are plenty of places to stay in the Orlando/Kissimmee area that are comfortable, clean, and affordable. And if you want to venture out a little, rent a house or condo with a pool. There are ways to make your dream vacation affordable.

    And don’t forget, if you’re military or retired military, Disney has some great offers.

  • crinnia skibiak

    I get it that you have to raise prices and you also threw in parking nice for many of us who love Disney now can’t afford to visit guess Cedar Point in ohio will be our trips now for the kids to have fun so sad Disney .

    • Joseph E. Krann

      Crinnia Cedar Point is a better park in my opinion. Disney is overrated & overpriced. They do not need to raise their prices to cover costs. They raise to increase profits. Bob Iger makes close to $30 million a year and 50 other CEO’s of Disney make several million a piece. Disney has such a lucrative contract with coca-cola that their in park Coca-cola sales covers their daily payroll for the 65,000 employees. If you look up greed in the dictionary and you will find the
      Walt Disney Company

  • Cheryl Black

    with the economy the way it is, it’s going to make taking even a family of 4 or more next to impossible to go to disney world for a week, people are going to go to more local places like to the beach or day trips… i know expanding and adding things cost money but people (ordinary people) are still hurting money wise to make ends meet.

  • denise

    I just got back from Disney/Sea World/Dolphin’s cove vacation. It was awesome! I think there should be free parking, you’re spending tons of money on tickets plus all the “stuff” you buy in the park. We stayed off Disney, I wish they would offer the food packages for off disney stays. We bought an all day eating pass at Sea World, was awesome!

  • Christopher Adamson

    I’ ve been going every year and staying off sight is the best. I got round trip tickets for 2 and a week in a beautiful resort for 844.00, 5 days w/park hoppers where $289 a piece. Staying off sight has more freedom. Stop for Breakfast at McDonalds is cheap, Most Resorts have transportation or catch the bus at Downtown Disney. Also go to Wal Mart and get bottled water, Snacks ect and bring them in…. I’m going in Oct. I usually book my vacation in March.

  • Andrea Conti

    I think it is terrible. How can a family of 4 or more afford Disney. Even for FLA residents, a season pass is too expensive. It is cheaper to get a season pass with free parking at Universal, which I renew each year, and go on new rides, compare to the same old ones at Disney. Even the concerts at Universal are longer and better than Epcot’s concerts. Walt built Disney with families in mind, not $$$$$, the CEO/Investors are only interested in $$$$$, nothing more because they get in for free.

  • Virgie Cousins

    we have already confirmed our stay and ticket prices at WDW,will be still be receiving the same rate or will it bee going up.

  • Christine Max

    Really when you’re shelling out a few thousand for a Disney vacation, is the couple of extra dollars increase for admission going to make or break the trip? It is what it is, if you want to go you’ll pay it, if the few bucks is going make you not go then you’re probably better off going somewhere cheaper. No one has ever said WDW was a cheap vacation but for me it’s worth it every time.

  • Tracy Hoffman Wilson

    I’m glad our prices are locked in with the deposit we made.

  • Pat Kocher

    We are senior citizens and have had our Annual Passes for 10 years. We can not longer afford to renew our passes when they expire in July. It is just too cost prohibitive and the Annual Florida Resident Pass Holders no longer receive enough benefit from the Disney company to merit the expense. You even have to PROVE that you are disabled when you come into the park with your own scooter and have to go to the trouble of getting a disability permit from guest services. They even question you about your disability. It is impossible to get a reservation in a decent restaurant on any Disney property unless you know 6 months ahead that you might drive the 15 miles to the park for a day to use your annual pass. We are outa’ here! Sorry Disney, we love you, but we have had it.

  • Michele

    Disney is still the best bet for a family vacation! Once you buy your park tickets, there are no other expenses! Any other vacation, you have find ways and pay to entertain your children!.

    • Anita

      I agree. Just the big hots get the raises

  • Michele

    Just read some messages from below, how can anyone complain about Disney Prices! One Day at Six Flaggs for a family of four is over $300, not counting parking and paying extra for all those games they con you into paying. My family has visited Disney every year since 1999 – we stay at the value resorts, no car to rent, no parking fee. We get the Quick Service Dining Plan, which is more than enough food, the only only money we spend is to tip the maid. Our trips (and my children are considered adults) are never over $3000 for 7 days, including airfare. Try to take any other family vacation for a week, all inclusive for that price!

  • Jessica Bouchard

    I don’t think the price increase is that big a deal. I will always continue to go to Disney when I can,

  • Joseph E. Krann

    Herb SeaWorld went up last Friday. Not my point though. I would like to know what the heck you are talking about with this statement: ” And the price of admission tickets is usually a relatively small
    percentage of a vacation cost for those who travel compared to the total
    overall cost of transportation, lodging, and meals.” SMALL percentage? Do you have stock in Disney or something? Family of 4 can get a room at a resort or in a vacation home for around $100-$150 a night. That’s for everybody. They can rent a vehicle for under $100 a day. Again for everybody. They can get dinner in a restaurant for around $100. And again that is for everybody. Yes I will not argue the fact that plane tickets will run around $250-$300 a person to get here but what you are saying is that $100 a person PER DAY is a small percentage of vacation cost. That is an absurd statement.

    • hleibac

      So that I can share my thinking with you, let’s look at a breakdown like this for a family of 4 going for 5 days:
      – Tickets: $1156 ($289 new price for 5 day ticket X 4 people)
      – Hotel: $750 ($150/night X 5 nights)
      – Flights: $1600 ($400/person X 4 people)
      – Meals: $1200 ($60/person/day X 5 days X 4 people)
      Total vacation cost: $4706
      Tickets as a percent of vacation: 25%

      I think that my estimates for hotel, flights, and meals might be low. But even so, tickets are maybe 25% of the total. Maybe not a small percent, but definitely not a majority either.

      Saying it another way, let’s say tickets went up by 6% (as was the case for the Magic Kingdom – but I think the increase was less for multi-day tickets). In this case, it means the overall vacation cost went up by 1.5%. Definitely a small increase in the overall cost.

      I don’t work for Disney or have their stock. And I understand that ticket price increases mean more money out of my pocket and yours. That also doesn’t mean that an increase like this isn’t the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” either.

      But I still think that if you look at the tickets in the context of the overall vacation, there are just one piece of the puzzle.

  • Susan Rolando

    Disney is taking advantage of the public. Families enjoy going there and Disney knows that. Hence , we pay whatever they ask. I don’t think that not increasing the prices will cause financial difficulty for Disney. You’re there because of the public !.

  • Gloria Hammer

    The ticket price is not that important to me since we travel from the west coast and buy a multi day package. The things I mostly care about is that it is spotless and family friendly. They never disappoint.

  • Sue

    WDW has not raised their admission prices in quite a while. Some places raise their prices every couple of years. We are still planning on vacationing at WDW in a couple of years. Love it there. Can’t wait to go:)

  • Lisa

    Last June I was disappointed in Disney. The first time in the 14 trips that I have made to the parks from PA. Lines were not controlled during the parade and the restrooms were a mess. Now they are raising their prices AGAIN? I won’t be making my 15th visit anytime soon!

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