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New Disney Technology Could Auto-Adjust Thrill Levels (New Patent Info)

What kind of rides do you like when visiting theme parks?

Are you an adventurous thrill seeker?  Or are you a laid-back, relaxed tourist?

Do 3D rides make your stomach do loop-dee-loops, or do you love every minute?

Everyone is different, and with millions of people coming through Disney’s theme parks every year, they have to appeal to a very large audience with a variety of likes and dislikes, abilities, and ages.

It seems that Disney has their sights set on a different way to customize your magical Disney vacation based on how much – or little – you love thrills.

Ride Sensing Technology

Disney Enterprises recently filed a patent for a technology that some put in the “game changer” category.

It can sense when a rider is in distress or is board based on heart rate, skin temperature, facial expressions, voice stress, gestures, and eye movements and adjust your ride vehicle – whether it’s a boat or a banshee – accordingly. The ride will then pick a route for you vehicle based on your mood. If you’re frightened, it will follow a less intense path; if you are bored, it will choose a more thrilling path.

The overall goal is to maintain the right level of excitement.

Disney's new technology could make their ride vehicles smart enough to sense when a rider is in distress or is bored!
Disney’s new technology could make their ride vehicles smart enough to sense when a rider is in distress or is bored!

The Patent

Disney originally filed and received the patent in October, but they filed a new patent last week allowing the technology to be used in any environment. Basically, the second patent is much broader than the first.

Disney says this technology has evolved in recent years and has a larger scope of applicability. In fact, they say it could even be used on the Disney Cruise Line to help with seasickness.

Disney typically doesn’t comment on patent development, and just because they file a patent doesn’t mean it will be used immediately or even at all. However, if they’re filing a patent like this, they’ve already determined that it has viable and valuable uses for the company. If they choose, they could also license it to other players.

Disney rides which automatically adjust their thrill level – good idea?