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Workout At Home – Disney Style

Most of us are spending quite a bit of time at home right now, and that is the right thing to do! However, we want to make sure you stay as healthy as possible during this shutdown.

Louisiana based fitness instructor and travel pro with Intouch Vacations, Ashley Tribou, has designed a magical work out plan that you can do right in your living room! This Disney inspired routine is sure to get your heart and your pixie dust flowing!

Check out what Ashley has to show us!

Ready to get back to the parks? Then let’s start training to be prepared for the best Disney Vacation Ever! Pair this workout with your favorite Disney Hits to truly experience the Magic!

Disney Parks Training

45 seconds on 15 seconds off

3 Magical Rounds

Take a 2-minute break between rounds

1. Jiminy Cricket Jumps: Lunges with a little hop, make sure your knees stay behind your toes and keep your core engaged.

2. Donald Duck Walks: Waddle like a duck, but stay low in your squat with your weight in your heels.
3. Park Hoppers: Hop forward like you are jumping from park to park, but make sure to have a soft landing.
4. Cinderella Curtsy’s: Take a bow like our princesses and make sure your weight stays in your heels.
5. Baloo Bear Crawls: Take it to the jungle while keeping your weight over your wrists and walk it out.
6. Thunder Mountain Climbers: Climb to the top of Thunder Mountain by driving your knees in towards your chest as fast as you can.
7. Peter Pan Plank Walks: Stay in your Plank and walk side to side.
8. Wish Upon a Star Jumps: Shine bright like the second star to the right- sit back in your heels and drive up into your star landing lightly on the way down.
9. Soarin’ Superman’s: Lying on your belly and feel like your flying. Squeeze core and glutes, bringing upper thighs off the ground.
10. Pumba’s Burp-ee’s: Lower down to the ground, bring feet towards hands, jump up like Timon and lower back down.
You will feel great after this Disney-inspired at-home workout!
You will feel great after this Disney-inspired at-home workout!
Ashley Tribou is not only a lover of all things Disney but also has a passion for health and wellness. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach and has been helping others in their wellness journeys for the past 6 years.
When she isn’t planning a Magical Vacation with Intouch Vacations, she is motivating and helping people push their limits to become healthier and happier.  Please reach out to Ashley for your next vacation!
Working out at home?  Check out this Disney-inspired routine!