Disney Specials

Disney Specials

In addition to the obvious fun in the sun, Disney World offers wildlife from Florida and all over the world in the form of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, the perfect day at the beach in the form of their world famous water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, and the finest in Florida cuisine – from gater nuggets, to rum cake, to Key Lime Pie in almost any form you can imagine – pie, fudge, frozen, on a stick and otherwise.

Even better than being the best that Florida has to offer, Walt Disney World Resort offers all of these things in one place. This is far more convenient than trekking around all over Florida to experience the best the state has to offer. In addition to being a more convenient and therefore less stressful vacation endeavor, you’ll be surprised at how affordable a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort in sunny Orlando can be – if you do it right.

Of course it can be over the top expensive if you do it wrong. Luckily, thanks to a specialized task force, also known as the Walt Disney Authorized Vacation Planners, you would have to work pretty hard to do it wrong.

Sometimes special deals can help you save on your Disney vacation.
Sometimes special deals can help you save on your Disney vacation.

Walt Disney appoints their seal of approval to select travel agents who pass a rigorous training course provided by Disney.  You can readily find these Disney authorized travel agents through a simple Google search – there are plenty from which to choose. When browsing a travel agency’s website, simple keep an eye out for an icon saying that they are Disney authorized, or that they are officially connected with Disney in some way, and you’re golden!

Any Disney authorized travel agency will be able to hook you up with a travel agent who specializes in finding and booking Disney specials and in making dream Walt Disney Vacations a reality. Just how do these magical vacation fairies go about granting your vacation wishes? Easy – they combine their years of experience and their specialized Disney know-how, along with their top secret Disney Travel Agent information to weave together a magic tapestry of vacation perfection for a skillfully discounted price.

Disney Know-How

One way that Disney authorized travel agents are able to save you money is that they are gurus of all of the vacation packages offered by Walt Disney World – the Magic Your Way Package, the Disney Vacation Club, and the Disney Annual Passport.

While the Disney Annual Passport and the Disney Vacation Club, or DVC, are more for upper-crust families who visit Disney World frequently, the Magic Your Way Package is great for the average family who has to pinch pennies to make their dreams of a Disney Vacation come true. Your personal travel agent will help you spin your vacation plans just right to get the most ‘bang from your buck’ using one of these Walt Disney Vacation Packages.

Don’t be afraid to really spend time chatting with your personal travel agent.  Remember, it costs you nothing and can save you a fortune. Be upfront with you agent about your vacation wants and needs, including a personal travel budget and some specifics about the members of your family (including their ages) and your personal interests and goals.  Your agent will not only have ideas for how to get your what you want for cheap, but also may have suggestions and further information about how to make your budget go further.

Top Secret Disney Travel Agent Information

Another way that Disney authorized travel agents can help you find the special offers and deals that you need to make your vacation affordable is that they have exclusive access to the most up-to-date, thorough information regarding both discounts and tickets & packages. It is a little known fact that the Disney discounts this week are different from the Disney discounts next week and are different from the Disney discounts last week.  The offers change constantly, and it takes a dedicated professional to keep on top of the mountain of information.

Disney Authorized Travel Agents will know which select Disney resort hotels have the greatest discounts for stays most nights during the month, the week, or the dates you are looking to vacation. They will give you full service rundowns of your best money-saving options for your vacation package, your theme park tickets, your room rate at a world famous Disney resort hotel and your dining plan that includes the best ways to working your family’s vacationing needs and save money at the same time. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give them a call.

Best of all, they will be aware of any other discounts and special offers that can be combined with your vacation package to further lower your costs! Perhaps there is a special code that adds a dining plan for pennies on the dollar or a secret way to get a free visit to the ESPN World of Sports Complex. Maybe you can take full advantage of the Florida Resident Discount for the week, which can conveniently be combined with any other offer, and which awards you a Disney gift certificate at one of their signature dining spots or unique shops and boutiques. If the special discount exists, they know about it.

Keep in mind of course, that you are paying for a Walt Disney World vacation, not for someone to tell you about said vacation. The only good travel agent is an agent you can contact by phone toll-free. Repeat: It should cost you nothing to use them! Official travel agencies are paid by the destination, not the traveller. Disney authorized travel agents are also useful in booking vacations to other Disney destinations, including Disneyland, the Disney California Adventure Park, or the Disney Cruise Line.

When planning your family’s dream Disney vacation to Orlando or otherwise, please contact a travel agent who is authorized by Disney. Remember, a travel agent who specializes in Disney is a travel agent who specializes in making dreams come true – for a special reduced price.