Riviera Resort DVC model

Disney’s Riviera Resort Declarations for DVC Members

Disney’s Riviera Resort is scheduled to open on December 16th, 2019. The resort has allocated nearly two million points for Disney Vacation Club members, and they’ve sold almost 500,000 points of that allocation so far.

In total, there are 341 units at Disney’s Riviera Resort including:

  • 24 Tower Studios
  • 38 dedicated studios
  • 29 dedicated one-bedroom villas
  • 90 dedicated two-bedroom villas
  • 148 two-bedroom lock-off villas
  • 12 grand villas

Of those 341 units, 98 of these have been reserved for DVC members. The first declaration was made in March 2019, and the second declaration, which added 29 more units to the DVC inventory, was made in October. DVC members have exclusive access to the following units:

  • tower studios
  • 11 dedicated studios
  • 9 dedicated one-bedroom villas
  • 26 dedicated two-bedroom villas
  • 38 two-bedroom lock-off units
  • 5 grand villas.

The remainder of the inventory at Riviera is controlled by Disney Vacation Development, which allows cash-paying guests to reserve these units. They can also pull from this inventory for additional DVC rentals or anything else they choose to use it for.

Disney's Riviera Resort now has 98 of its 341 units reserved for Disney Vacation Club Members.
Disney’s Riviera Resort now has 98 of its 341 units reserved for Disney Vacation Club Members.

Interestingly, Riviera’s two-bedroom lock-off units consist of a one-bedroom villa and an adjoining studio. Therefore, Disney Vacation Development can separate these villas down from two-bedroom to a one-bedroom and studio if necessary.

This means that it will be easier for DVC members to get a reservation at Riviera, but it also means that there is less inventory for non-DVC members to book at this resort.

Disney Vacation Club has sold more than 6.7 million points across Disney Vacation Club Properties.

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