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You’ve seen the fireworks, you’ve done the Cinderella Castle, and you have likely, every autograph of every Disney character ever. It may not be as surface deep as all that – there is much more to the Walt Disney World Resort than most people think – even people who’ve been there. Each and every Disney resort hotel, theme park, ride and restaurant has secrets to share and stories to tell.

Part of really enjoying a vacation to Walt Disney World is the process of discovering what it has to offer, really, deep down. Any family can go on vacation to the world’s most visited Theme Park Resort, but can any family discover and explore together? Make your Disney vacation count for all that you deserve to get out of such an experience. Walt Disney World Resort isn’t a once in lifetime vacation spot that provides a new and unique experience each and every time because they make it that way. It is a once in a lifetime vacation spot because you make it that way by experiencing something new and unique each and every time.

1.) Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Themed to be the Resort of Your Dreams

Everyone knows about Walt Disney World Resort’s supercalifragilisticexpiali-famous theme parks: Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. Lesser known, therefore lesser appreciated, are the themed resort hotels. Luxurious, and equally fun and well crafted, these Disney resort hotels, ranging in price from value resort hotels to moderate resort hotels to deluxe resort hotels serve as the home away from home to guests visiting the parks.

The Polynesian is a favorite Disney Deluxe hotel.
The Polynesian is a favorite Disney Deluxe hotel.

These carefully crafted lodgings use all sorts of eras, cultures, and art movements as inspiration, to construct chic, fun and completely unique buildings. For example, Walt Disney World has a Polynesian Resort inspired by the beauty and nature of the South Pacific, complete with koi ponds, thatch-roofed buildings and white sand beaches. This resort also offers several live shows for the guests’ enjoyment, including a torch-lighting ceremony with authentic drumming and dancing, and the Spirit of Aloha Dinner show. In the hotel, there is a themed water park. Also, those staying in the Polynesian Resort gain access to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. These opportunities are available almost exclusively to those staying in the resort hotel, so staying there, as opposed to, elsewhere, would make your Disney vacation quite the unique experience!

2.) Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba, Going Nowhere Fast

Out in the cruel, harsh reality of the world, if we want to see Cirque Du Soleil, we have to wait for it to come near us and scalp the tickets off of someone and hope they’re not terrible. But – at Walt Disney World, they definitely believe in bringing the show to you. They have a permanently installed performance of the traditionally travelling circus, Cirque Du Soleil called “La Nouba,” which translates to: “Live it up!” This performance is everything that the travelling show offers, and so much more. Staying one place – in the heart of swinging Disney Springs – means that they have been able to custom build a stage dedicated to making the show extra spectacular.

3.) The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Their Secret Baseball Team

One of the more impressive things about Walt Disney World Resort is its size – over 500 acres for the Animal Kingdom here, over 200 acres for the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex to host over 300 events each year over there- what’s that? You didn’t know that Disney World has 9 areas/courts/what-have-yous to host over 50 different sporting competitions? Featuring state of the art viewing technologies and special areas for spectator-ship, the Wide World of Sports is a one of a kind expanse of sporting featuring its own grill, parking, and its own Baseball Team, the Atlanta Braves – well, at least during training.

4.) Disney Travel Agents Rock and Are, In Fact, Ninjas

Disney Authorized Travel Agents are ninjas. They have exclusive access to information regarding special offers, vacation packages, and how to combine them to save you the most money. They, like ninjas, are trained to be the best at what they do, and like all real ninjas, if you don’t notice them doing their job, they’re doing it right. It is up to your Disney travel agent to help you pick the vacation package that is right for you – whether it be the Magic Your Way Ticket Package, the Disney Annual Pass or the Disney Vacation Club.

Your Disney Authorized Travel Agent will talk to you for hours toll-free about resort hotels – help you pick Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort over the Animal Kingdom Lodge or vise versa based on your interests; how to get access to the water parks, theme park hours and dining options – from character dining to quick-service to signature and everywhere in between. Any questions you have, they know the answer – they couldn’t make vacation planning any easier. They will help you make your room reservations, book your theme park tickets and ultimately book the perfect vacation for you and your family.

Nothing Says Vacation Like Colonial Spanish Mexican Décor… At Least If You Ask Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

The amazing thing about this resort hotel is not that is exists – though a Colonial Spanish Mexican resort hotel featuring faux Mayan ruins, a dig site, its own restaurants, and a 22 acre lake are no small things – but rather that it is a moderate resort hotel. Not deluxe, not over the top, no. This luxurious, convenient, and comfortable resort hotel, complete with beaches, arcades, and shopping, as well as transportation to and from just about anywhere in Walt Disney World Resort is in the moderate price range. Think about that – what else would you get in a deluxe resort hotel, right? Corondao Springs Resort is a true gem. Walt Disney World Resort certainly is full of surprises. Explore and discover new ones each year to keep your experience as unique as you deserve!