Disney Resort Hotel Packages

Disney Resort Hotel Packages

For example, between Disney’s Animal Kingdom safaris and their world pavilions at Epcot, you can get a sort of miniature “world tour,” including stops in Africa, South America and Asia. Their nightlife and live shows would give Las Vegas and Broadway a run for their money. Also, the ESPN Wide World of Sports is like a teeny tiny Olympics – it hosts over 300 sporting events on more than 200 acres. Many Disney resort hotel packages include access to fine spa and fitness clubs; so you are not left desiring for extra comfort, wellness or luxury. Besides this “amalgamation vacation” offered by Disney World, this theme park resort offers something uniquely Disney, the Magic Kingdom Theme Park.

You can really find just about anything at Walt Disney World Resort, but unfortunately, saying that Disney is like several other vacations rolled into one is also like saying, “anything you can see at Disney, you can see elsewhere” in some capacity. Besides the Magic Kingdom Theme Park, what else is there? What extra little pinch of magic does Disney include in their resort to make it above and beyond? Some would say the great location, and others would say, well, a pinch of Disney magic, as if that were really palpable or quantitative. Those suggestions aside, it is most definitely the Disney Resort Hotels that make the trip extra worthwhile.

Sometimes a package can provide both convenience and a good deal.
Sometimes a package can provide both convenience and a good deal.

So many good things in one place is truly fantastic, especially wonderful for guests with disabilities, as there are accommodations and programs to ensure that they are able to enjoy this mother of all vacations. This is so fantastic because many of these opportunities – safaris, jet-setting, and so on – are not wheelchair accessible, but on a Disney vacation, anything is possible!

Is an affordable stay at a Disney resort hotel possible? Why sure it is. Thanks to Disney vacation packages, which can save you up to 50%, combined with the variation in price brackets means that there is lodging for any budget on the Disney premises. You can stay in a value resort hotel – at the bottom of the rate range, one of their deluxe resort hotels – at the top, or a moderate resort hotel – somewhere in the middle.

Just like Disney resort is host to four theme parks – Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, the Animal Kingdom, and of course the Magic Kingdom, they are also host to themed resort hotels. Many of the resort hotels are above and beyond what you could ever dream up in regards to comfort, style and fun. For example, the Animal Kingdom Villas, deluxe villas in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, have authentic African artifacts decorating its interior, and thatched roofs. All Disney resort hotels a flawlessly decorated, inside and out, to present a united theme.

The Bad

As with everything at Walt Disney World Resort, resort hotels can be expensive. The answer? Book smart. Not as in the adjective, the verb version. Be smart about where you make your reservations. First, make sure that the resort hotel that you are looking at can be included in a vacation package. Second, don’t book the deluxe villa if a standard room will do. Just because Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba (the permanent installation of the travelling circus show at Walt Disney World) actually translates to “live it up” doesn’t mean that you have to live irresponsibly, i.e. beyond your means. Why stay at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, a deluxe resort hotel, when you could stay at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, which is a moderate resort hotel?  Make smart choices that fit with your budget.

Knowing what’s around your hotel becomes integral to figuring out some sort of itinerary for your stay. If your kids are interested in a character dining experience that offers breakfast, like the Crystal Palace, you don’t want to be hauling your butts across the theme parks early in the morning to get there. If more than rides, you care about Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks, you would want to be sure that you resort hotel is as close as possible to them, to maximize your convenience and enjoyment. Research is involved in making your resort hotel reservation truly the most beneficial it can be to you.

The Ugly

Not going to lie, Walt Disney World Resort’s hotels are pretty darn cool. They offer all sorts of bonuses to being there, beyond just having a place to sleep. Disney’s Polynesian Resort, for example, hosts a wonderful live show called the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show. The Villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort offer spa service that is to die for! The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa offers similar services. Maybe it’s the view, or the theme, or the Disney beach outside, with access to the Seven Seas Lagoon, but each and every resort hotel offers something that is just too cool.

Be sure, sure, and triple sure that you figure out your Disney vacation package, Magic Your Way Base ticket package or otherwise, so that you don’t miss out on money that could be saved.  You must do this during your vacation planning, not when you show up in Orlando with your shorts on and sun screen slathered about.

The best way to save is to infuse your hotel reservation with value, as bundling it with your Disney dining plan and your theme park tickets can save you up to 50%. Not only that, there are silly little bonuses to booking a Magic Your Way Package. As an example, when you shop, you can have your merchandise delivered to your resort hotel, rather than carry it around with you all day. Vacation packages are the bomb and that’s just one of many examples.

Your vacation planning is an important part of making sure that you get the most from your Disney resort hotel, value and otherwise. Knowledge of the Disney dining available in your hotel, what it offers you in the way of entertainment after park hours, and any special offers that can be used to save you money are all ways to avoid letting your resort hotel turn a “bad” into a very good.