Christmastime Parade 2014 - Wreck It Ralph

Disney Research: Three Ways Augmented Reality Costumes could Improve Guest Experience

Disney is always working on researching new products and technologies to improve the guest experience.  One of the latest of was Stuntronics, but now Disney Research is working on created Augmented Reality costumes for guests.

How could AR costumes possible improve your guest experience? Let’s take a look!

3 – The Ultimate Selfie

First, AR costumes could mean the ultimate selfie! Disney could set up selfie stations where you could “try on” digital costumes of your favorite Disney Princess, Marvel Character, or even Star Wars Jedi. What’s really cool is that you can change costumes nearly instantly!

Similarly, Disney’s PhotoPass Photographers could magically juxtapose perfectly fitting costumes of your favorite characters onto your PhotoPass photographs!

2 – AR Attractions

Iger has said that he’s not really interested in using Augmented Reality (AR) in the theme parks, but there are some attractions that might use the technology either because of size or theme or both.  The widely predicted Wreck It Ralph attraction, rumored to take over the now seasonal Stitch’s Great Escape, could use AR.

New Disney technology could improve park experiences.
New Disney technology could improve park experiences.

What’s more, many people say it’s only a matter of time until Disney purchases The VOID attraction in Disney Springs. If that happens, Disney could use AR costumes to make the experience even more immersive.

1 – LARP Hotels

Finally, Disney has promised and isn’t too far away from delivering a Live Action Role Play (LARP) Hotel with a Star Wars theme. While the hotel, which will be connected to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, promises to be entirely immersive even with costumes for each guest and stories to fulfill, certainly there could be even more uses for AR costumes in the future of LARP hotels.

The Future of AR Costumes

So does this mean that AR costumes will be coming to a Disney theme park near you?

Not necessarily. Disney researches and actually creates new products and technologies all the time that never actually make it into the parks. However, this one seems like it could have real-life and current uses even if only superficially at this point.

Would you try AR costumes on for size at Disney World?