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Disney Raises Price of Annual Passes

It’s February, so it must be time for a Disney ticket price increase.  In this latest round of changes, Disney has increased the prices of annual passes.

Let’s take a look:

Annual Passes (non-Florida Residents) Price Increases

Platinum: From $1119 to $1195, a 6.7% increase
Platinum Plus: From $1219 to $1295, a 5.2% increase

Annual Passes (Florida Resident) Price Increases

Silver: From $519 to $539, a 3.8% increase
Gold: From $699 to $719, a 2.8% increase
Epcot After 4: From $304 to $319, a 4.9% increase
Disney Weekday Select Pass: From $349 to $369, a 5.7% increase

These increases aren’t as big as previous ones, but Disney also increased prices in June 2019.

Florida resident prices for the Platinum ($899) and Platinum Plus ($999) Passes are the same.  However, they have seen significant price increases over the past few years.  At the start of 2018, a Flordia Resident could purchase a Platinum pass for $779.  This pass has gone up 15% in two years.

In way of comparison, the general inflation rate for the United States was about 2.3% in 2019 and 2.4% in 2018.

Disney has increased the prices of annuals passes.
Disney has increased the prices of annuals passes.

There have historically been many reasons why Disney increases prices, but the biggest one still holds true:  because they can.  Even with recent price hikes, the parks are full of people.

Disney is investing billions into their parks and needs a way to pay for all the amazing attractions and experiences we get to enjoy (I’m looking at you, Rise of the Resistance).

While Disney continues to pour money into the parks, and people continue to show up in droves, prices will continue to rise.

Surprised to see annual pass price increases?