Disney On A Budget

Disney On A Budget – How You Can Make It Happen

Is cost a reason to stop you from celebrating your life achievements with a wild and well-deserved Walt Disney World vacation? After that graduation, that new job, or that major life change, nothing could stop you –  except maybe the fact that you don’t have a pile of cash.

The good news is that you can overcome this little set back with no additional loans, the sale of your body organs or precious childhood baseball card collections, or blowing your entire lifetime savings.  You can enjoy a Disney World Vacation in the one and only Orlando, Florida for less than you might think.  You really can do Disney on a budget.

Up in the Sky, It’s You In a Plane

Unless you live in Florida, you will likely need to fly, rather than drive, to get to Walt Disney World Resort, you will need to purchase a plane ticket. Depending on which of our 49 other wonderful states you live in, there are a few cheaper, smaller airline companies, like Southwest, with more reasonable rates – sometimes even under $100 each way.

Selecting the right time of year to visit and planning ahead can make a budget Disney vacation possible.
Selecting the right time of year to visit and planning ahead can make a budget Disney vacation possible.

Regardless of which company you book with, the most important factor affecting the price is normally timing.  The earlier that you do book, the better. This is one of the things that, for some reason, is easy to put off. Lucky for you that in order to make all aspects of your Disney vacation cheaper, picking a date early is key!

There are a few other ways to save money on your flight. The first is to pack very light so you don’t have to check a bag, which many airlines charge for. Bring yourself a few versatile wardrobe pieces and one good pair of shoes rather than stuffing your bag full with a bunch of color coordinated outfits.

In addition, packing sandwiches, granola bars, or other snacks for your flight will ensure you don’t cave and buy overpriced meals on the plane or at the airport.

Picking Your Date, and When You Want To Go

There are two ways to tame the price of your stay at Walt Disney World – actually three. The first is to pick a value-level Disney resort. Walt Disney World Resort is host to all sorts of accommodations, from campgrounds to deluxe villas. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to scour your couch for change to pay the upgrade to a moderate, deluxe, or Deluxe Villa Resort. Those are for you to stay at later when you are rich and famous.  For now, with a limited budget, you can handle the value accommodations, especially since they are nice enough for visiting families and even honeymooners to stay in. The Disney value resorts will have a serious leg up in quality over any lower priced off-site resorts. They have a standard to maintain, after all.

Staying at a Walt Disney Resort Hotel on the Disney premises also ensures that you have a free way to get from the Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World, and back too. Disney’s Magical Express, a Disney exclusive bus line complete with sparkly floors and waiting lounge will take you to and from your Disney resort free, with plenty of fun thrown in as a bonus!

Share The Fun And The Expense

Another way to reduce the cost of your accommodations is to bring a friend – a like-minded acquaintance with whom you would enjoy traveling to Disney. It can be your roommate from days gone by or your best friend. The important thing to ensure in this choice is that you choose someone who will not ruin your vacation with fights, stresses, or incompatibility. Any money that a travel partner would save you is not worth the destruction of your entire vacation if they are the wrong person to go with.

Pick The Right Disney Season

Finally, depending on the season in which you travel to Disney, you can save quite a bit of money. Now, the seasons as you know them are Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. These are not the Disney seasons. There are five Disney Seasons: Adventure, Choice, Dream, Magic, and Premier. If you are going for affordability, Adventure Season is your best bet. It the cheapest time to visit Disney World. Adventure Season is also not a chronological season. It refers to December 1 – 14, the entire month of September, and the entire month of January excluding New Year’s Day. December and January are likely to be a bit less crowded, but much colder, so you may want to opt for September.

You Can Make It Happen

Now that you know the secrets to an affordable vacation to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida to decrease the cost with no affect on how much fun you have, you can truly enjoy your time there, without having to panic over how much its costing you!

Which way do you vacation once at Disney:  “Scrimp by” or “Splurge away”?