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Disney Makes Slight Adjustment To Rise Of The Resistance Virtual Queue

Disney has announced that starting Sunday, December 20, 2021, it will change the time for opening the second virtual queue time for Rise Of The Resistance to 1 pm from 2 pm.

Other aspects of the virtual queue process remain unchanged:

  • Guests must have a valid ticket or pass for entry into Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Guests much have a Disney Park Pass Reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Guests must be inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios at 1 pm (note this is not the case for the earlier virtual queue window at 7 am, where guests can request the virtual queue from outside the park)

When Park Hopping Returns

Park Hopper returns to Disney World on January 1, 2021.  At that time, if guests start in one park and then hop to Hollywood Studios, they will not be able to join a virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance.

As always, access to a boarding group is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

Glad to see the virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance move from 2 pm to 1 pm?