One thing about Disney: they don’t do anything halfway. And the Disney Magic cruise ship is no exception.

Disney Magic

Whether it is the movies they create, the theme parks Disney Magic and Wonderthat they build, or the ships on which they carry passengers all over the world, Disney does it right.

Today, the Disney Cruise Line features four ships, the Magic, the Dream, the Fantasy, and the Wonder. The first ship was the Disney Magic.

The History

Since the 1980’s, Disney had offered its guests the option of cruising with Disney characters. Those early cruises, however, were not on Disney Cruise Lines. Instead, Disney contracted with Premiere cruise line to provide this service to their guests.

In the mid-1990’s, Disney decided to bring their cruise operation in house. In 1995, the Disney Cruise Line was born. The first ship, the Disney Magic, made her maiden voyage in July of 1998. The ship was everything that the public expected from Disney. It features amazing attention to detail. Disney managed to combine the elegance of a 1930’s ocean liner with the fun and whimsy that is a trademark of all things Disney.

The Staterooms

The Disney Magic, like most cruise ships, features many types of staterooms. These staterooms range from simple inside options to gloriously luxurious suites. No matter your budget, you will be able to find a stateroom that matches your needs and your budget. The choices include:

Inside Stateroom

These are the lowest priced option. As the name implies, there are cabins that are located in the interior portion of the ship, so there are no windows.  They are typically small spaces.

Oceanview Stateroom

These rooms feature a window, or porthole, through which guests can see the ocean. While this type of cabin costs more than an interior stateroom, they are still quite affordable.

Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah

The next step up is a stateroom with a private verandah. While these cabins are not usually bigger in size, the addition of a private balcony where you can enjoy your morning coffee adds a feeling of luxury.

The Disney Magic offers a variety of room sizes and pleny of activities for the entire family. Photo credits (C) Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved
The Disney Magic offers a variety of room sizes and pleny of activities for the entire family. Photo credits (C) Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Suites range from mini-suites to large specialty suites. The specialty suites may not fit into most people’s budgets, but the smaller suites are surprisingly affordable, especially when Disney has special offers such as free cabin upgrades.

No matter which type of stateroom that you choose, you can be sure that the same attention to detail went into designing the inside cabins as into the suites. Even though the cabins are small – as is the case on all cruise ships – the layout makes them feel spacious. Thoughtful touches, such as split bathrooms, make it easier to get ready and enjoy your space.

The Activities

When you choose a cruise vacation, how you spend your time aboard the Disney Magic is just as important as how you spend your time while in port. You can be sure that the Disney Magic does NOT disappoint!


Perhaps kids are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a Disney cruise. While there are certainly plenty of activities for children, Disney offers many for adults as well.

Nightclubs offer you the chance to enjoy a cocktail and dance the night away. Live music will make you feel like you’re at a New York City club.

Spend an afternoon getting a massage, a facial, or a number of other pampering treatments in the Disney Magic’s world class spa. You will be positively pampered by our staff that will make sure that you leave the spa feeling relaxed.

Foodies will be thrilled to discover that in addition to the main dining room and some quick service food options, that there are some fabulous restaurants onboard the Disney Magic as well. For example, Palo is a fine dining option that serves a menu of Italian dishes. This restaurant is for adults only, so a quiet dinner is guaranteed.

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should abandon your fitness routine. The fitness center on the Disney Magic makes it easy to stick to your program. Not only will you have access to top of the line cardio and weight equipment, but you can enjoy a fabulous view of the ocean while you work out.

Enjoy some time lounging by the adult’s only pool. Work on your tan, sip a cool drink, or go for a dip in the pool.

In the evening you can see a Broadway style show or a movie in the Buena Vista Theater.

As you can see, there is plenty for adults to do while on the Disney Magic. But how can guests enjoy any of the adults-only amenities if they are traveling with children? Disney has thought of that as well, and the answer is found in the next section.


One of the reasons that the Disney Magic is a leader in family cruising is the vast number of activities for children. This not only benefits the children, but the parents as well. The parents can drop their kids off at one of the age-appropriate activity centers and then go off, with complete peace of mind, to enjoy a quiet dinner or an afternoon lounging by the pool.

There are seven separate club areas for children of all ages. Rather than lumping all ages together, each area is dedicated to a certain age group. This makes it much easier to provide activities that are fun and age appropriate at each club.

The Flounder’s Reef Nursery is also available for ages 3 months to 3 years. Space is limited, and reservations are required.

Family Time

The Disney Magic also includes activities that the whole family can enjoy together. The shows are a great way to spend time together. There is a family pool where you can swim with your children. During the day, the Rockin D Bar is open to all ages. Games and activities that everyone will enjoy are provided.

The Disney Magic offers cruises to the Caribbean and to Europe. Whether you choose a tropical getaway or a European holiday, you can be sure that both your time in port AND while on board the Disney Magic will be truly magical!