Vacations are great: the understatement of the century. Disney vacations with your family are the greatest of the great: the understatement of the millennium.

Disney Magic Cruise

The same can be said of a Disney Magic cruise vacation in comparison to a regular cruise vacation. While stating the obvious is still in fashion, here’s something a little revolutionarily not obvious: all play and no work makes for a dull vacation. Expecting that your dream vacation about the Disney Magic cruise ship will somehow magically plan itself is not the way to ensure that the cruise experience lives up to the ship’s name; rather, the way to maximize the magic in your family’s vacation is to plan, do your research, and get your hard work out of the way before you depart.

You’re thinking, “It’s a big boat. How much could there possibly to do? Can’t I just get on and fly by the seat of my pants?” If you’re thinking this, you are obviously unaware of the sheer awesomeness that can be found aboard the Disney Cruise Line Ship for guests of all ages. It is so easy to become overwhelmed by this, in fact, that the Disney website, as well as Disney authorized travel agents are trained to help you plan your vacation itinerary based on your family’s wants and needs. Whether you’re aboard the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy, the Disney Wonder, or the Disney Magic, each has unique and wonderful activities, restaurants and entertainment available that you do NOT want to miss out on.

Plan Ahead

There are so many benefits to planning ahead on your vacation, it’s hard to know where to begin. The first and foremost may be that it prevents you from missing out on any of the magic Disney activities available on board the family-friendly Disney cruise liner… or it could also be that booking your cruise early ensures a smooth and, more importantly, affordable adventure on the seven seas.

Activities and Entertainment That You Don’t Want to Miss

Disney travel agents, vacation planners, and even the Disney website offer special options for helping you plan your activities for every day and every night that you find yourself on one of their cruise ships. This is because there is so damn much to do. Whether it’s you and a spouse or a friend or just the fam, or the extended fam or the group of friends which make up what you consider to be your family, the Disney cruise ship you are planning  a vacation on is a family-friendly cruise liner for families of all make ups, shapes and sizes.

They are not quite magical enough to read your entire travel party’s minds and select appropriate activities for each prince and princess in question. Cruises are hard to plan. If you find yourself in charge, either by chance, choice, or excessive force – start an email list with the people going, or have a conversation at family dinner, text, social media thread – whatever! Ask people what they want to do. If you give them this opportunity, they can’t get angry at your for not reading their minds and choosing the activities that they want.

In fact, if you do it via computer, you will have written proof of activities they did and did not express interest in. So if yout teenager complains about an early morning trip to one of the spa & fitness centers aboard the ship, you can prove to them that they did not request a lack of early morning activity. Similarly, when you book a dinner reservation at one of the restaurants on board, which boasts indoor and outdoor seating so you can have dinner with an exquisite view of the sea on which you’re sailing – you can take any and all credit for the impeccable idea. Planning in this way allows you to take all responsibility for everything that goes right, and no responsibility for anything that goes wrong – perfect!

Finding Information

The Disney Cruise Line fleet is vast and varying in its destinations and activities, so it is best to choose your destination – whether it be the Caribbean or Canada – and therefore your ship, nice and early. This allows you full access to everything offered on board early enough to plan ahead! For example, if you are going on a Caribbean Cruise, and you know you want to enjoy some stars and cocktails late at night, you can browse a list of the nightclubs & lounges on board the ship you’ll be travelling on the website. But since these vary from ship to ship and port to port, you’ll need to know your ship and destination to do your research.

Cruise Deals

The other obvious reason to book and plan ahead is so that you are able to take full advantage of any and all Disney Cruise deals that may apply to you and your cruise vacation. Booking too close means that you don’t have any wiggle room in your dates, which can save you money. Or you simply don’t have the time to chat with a Disney travel agent who knows the ropes of Disney deals so well that just one conversation can save you a bundle.

When you’re on your cruise enjoying the design of the Disney “golden age of cruising” style ship, and on vacation with your family whom you love, you want to really be there, mind, body and spirit. Even if you’re on board the Disney Magic, there is not enough magic in the world to do that for you. You don’t want to be stressing and planning and worrying about the money you didn’t save – you just want to be on a cruise vacation. So get that stuff done ahead of time! Maximize the magic of your own vacation experience, don’t expect that Disney will somehow do that part for you. They’ve made as many opportunities for magic as you can cram in one vessel, but it is up to you to take advantage of them – and the best way to do that is to plan ahead!