Independence Day 2014 July 4 Fireworks

Think about it: how would you describe fireworks to someone who has never seen them? Would you describe the colors, the lines, the sound, or the pounding in your chest when they pop and sizzle?

Fireworks are colorful bursts of fire and light, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some look fuzzy while others look like lasers, and Disney combines fireworks with other forms of light and even props to make incredible shows that are really beyond explanation. “You have to see it to believe it.”

Soon you might be able to "feel" Disney's amazing fireworks!
Soon you might be able to “feel” Disney’s amazing fireworks!

But what if you can’t see it? Not because you aren’t in Disney World but because you have a vision impairment?

Disney is working on a new technology to allow those who have vision impairments to “feel” the fireworks! A Disney Research Lab located in Zurich, Switzerland is working on a new technology that will make fireworks tactile broadening the scope of guests who can enjoy Disney’s amazing fireworks displays.

The technology involves water pulses spraying special fabrics. The water pulses are synchronized with the fireworks in the sky.

Whether your or someone you know has recently lost their eyesight and needs an opportunity to reminisce what they saw at one time and loved or you’ve never been able to experience them, this could be an incredible and special experience to help everyone experience Disney’s nighttime spectaculars.

Disney fireworks for the visually impaired: Good idea?