Disney Increases Ticket Prices - Again

Disney raised ticket prices on Sunday at a rate much faster that general prices in the economy. Can they continue to do this?

The last time it happened was on Sunday, June 2, 2013, just about eight months ago. Now it has happened again.

Disney is raising ticket prices effective Sunday, February 23, 2014.

The price of admission to the Magic Kingdom is going up $4 to $99. Disney is keeping in place the price difference they instituted last year where it costs more to enter the Magic Kingdom on a single day ticket than it costs to enter the other parks on their Florida property.

The price for a single day ticket to Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom increased from $90 to $94.

Disney raises ticket prices for 2014.

Disney raises ticket prices for 2014.

Magic Your Way Increases

The prices of Magic Your Way (multi-day tickets) also went up. Let’s take a look at the changes to the base ticket prices:

Adults (Ages 10 and up)

  • Two-Day: now $188, up $4 from the old price of $184
  • Three-Day: now $274, up $12 from the old price of $262
  • Four-Day: now $294, up $15 from the old price of $279
  • Five-Day: now $304, up $15 from the old price of $289
  • Six-Day: now $314, up $15 from the old price of $299
  • Seven-Day: now $324, up $15 from the old price of $309
  • Eight-Day: now $334, up $15 from the old price of $319
  • Nine-Day: now $344, up $15 from the old price of $329
  • 10-Day: now $354, up $15 from the old price of $339

Children (Ages 3 – 9)

  • Two-Day: now $175, up $3 from the old price of $172
  • Three-Day: now $255, up $11 from the old price of $244
  • Four-Day: now $274, up $14 from the old price of $260
  • Five-Day: now $284, up $14 from the old price of $270
  • Six-Day Adult: now $294, up $14 from the old price of $280
  • Seven-Day: now $304, up $14 from the old price of $290
  • Eight-Day: now $314, up $14 from the old price of $300
  • Nine-Day: now $324, up $14 from the old price of $310
  • Ten-Day: now $334, up $14 from the old price of $320

Annual Pass Price Increase

Basic Annual Passes for non-Florida residents went up to $634, an increase of $25 compared to the old price $609.

Water Parks – No Increase

Based on information on the Disney World web site, the admission price to get into Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon is unchanged at $53 for adults and $45 for children.

Disney Vs. Inflation: Disney Wins

The estimate of the annual rate of inflation over the past eight months was about 1.4%. That means that general prices since last June have risen by about 0.9%. Disney raised the price of admission to the Magic Kingdom from $95 to $99, or an increase of about 4.2%.

What does that mean?  Disney is raising ticket prices about four times faster than other prices in the economy. Do you think they can continue to do that?

What do you think about these price increases?



About the author

Herb is the founder, author, webmaster, chief executive, and chief bottle washer for World Of Walt – and he is the Disney enthusiast who put this site together. Ever since his parents took him to the Magic Kingdom on a family vacation as a youngster, he has had an interest in the magic that Disney creates for families.

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  • Bajadawg

    I’m all about WDW but the new policies and price increases are making Universal look more appealing

  • smumdax

    To those asking me about WDW, I always say that you cannnot get pass the hig price of admission (even if some would argue that it’s worth it). So I always advise them to look elsewhere for cutting the expenses. There are many other ways to do that.

  • Gilbert Henry

    Interesting point about the rate of inflation vs. Disney’s rate of increase! I don’t see how they could raise prices at 4X the rate of inflation forever.

  • Grant Davidson

    Really if you look at it and break down by the day its really not to much. ya its a lot of money up front but they have to make money some how to make “The Happiest Place on Earth” and keep up on all the renovations. So that you keep coming back and making more memories with your family’s

    • tonykphoto9

      It is if you’re living on a limited income. Grant, they are making a killing on the food and drink.

  • LLorton

    All I know is, when I’ve compared the quality of the people going to WDW versus the quality of people going to the Univeral parks, I’ll keep paying the higher prices for Disney. High prices keep out the riff raffs, and they keep Disney more family safe and family friendly. So, I’m ok with it!

    • Lloyd Vennie

      I worked at both parks when I was in college. Now I take my family every year to Disney. I actually agree with you LLorton. Paying more like anything else encourages those that would not respect the park and the property to stay away. I pay to see Disney’s attention to detail, cleanliness and mostly good spirited polite customers come to play with their with their families. I’d gladly save pay more that experience every time. On a side note, what’s interesting is the same families that go to Disney act a little wilder at Universal. I have seen it first hand. Disney has has a way of making you behave a little also it appears.

    • thinnerer

      I have waited many years to visit Disney World. I am a senior citizen living on Social Security….does that make me riff raff???

      • LLorton

        In general, the high prices keep out the riff raff. That is not a catch-all statement. There seems to be a definite difference in quality between the regular patrons of Universal Orlando versus regular visitors at Disney. It seems to me, and this is only my opinion, that most (not all) visitors to Disney are families and people who save their money up to appreciate what it’s going towards at Disney (ie, they recognize the value in what they are paying for and therefore respect the parks and the other people there to enjoy the park). At Universal, I found that many of the people went there in the same way that they would visit their local amusement park: loud, dirty, some poorly dress (ie, half naked), with no respect for other visitors. Sure you can have that anywhere, even at WDW, but I have found there is far more of it in Universal than Disney. I’m only concerned about my family’s safety and ability to have fun in a clean environment. To me, Disney is far cleaner, the workers are far more respectful, and the visitors are of a higher quality because they are more apt to save their money to appreciate what Disney has to offer. OK, I’m off my Disney fan soap box now. 🙂

    • steph

      I honestly would say riff raffs come with money too. People save their whole life for that trip to disney so they value it. Prices will continue to go up as cost to operate goes up, and yes many people complain about keeping the stock holders happy. The thing with that is it brings disney investment money to do more and keep the competitive edge. As a stock holder I am not glad about the prices going up. We go to disney every year also but I would not say because of the cost those that can’t afford it are riff raff. THat is very harsh and mean

  • Christine Max

    I’m ok with that. As long as they continue to update and improve what I am getting for my money in proportion with what they charge, it seems reasonable. I really don’t care what it costs, I’ll keep going. No where else makes me feel that happy. I get teary eyed just thinking about being there again.

  • danny paternoster

    here’s the only thing that needs to be said:
    The Walt Disney Co. reported company revenues of $12.3 billion for the quarter ending December 28, 2013, a 9% increase from the same quarter in 2012. Of that $12.3 billion in revenues, $3.6 billion came from its parks and resorts. Parks and resorts revenues saw a 6% increase from the same quarter in 2012. now don’t get me wrong ,profit is not a dirty word but just how much is enough? but i also know that disney keeps the nicest parks around..iam still going ,we live here in florida and will find away to keep taking the grandkids.

    • steph

      Disney target to shareholders is 8% INCREASE IN PROFITS. Disney has had many missteps over the years which have cost them greatly, right now they are actually getting more people investing in them as the show stead but not amazing growth. Investors are getting slimmer these days so yes they will keep those people happy.

  • Dennis Coleman

    I am sure there are reasons for this price increase, I just heard a news story on our local news about locla Chain restaurants that are adding a special charge on to their bills to pay for Obama Care, not a price increase in food, but a seperate charge! Maybe this has something to do with Disney’s increases. BAsed on the new price incrrease of $25 for an AP my per visit admisssion has increases to $49 per visit, still a good bargain.

    • Janell Van Dunk

      That would be all well and good for those restaurants to add a surcharge if they actually offered healthcare to all their employees. Not just managers like they do now. Plus they don’t actually have to provide healthcare for anybody. The staff can get insurance on their own. Plus the mandate doesn’t kick in for businesses until 2015. It seems like they are being greedy and just pocketing the surcharge money and claiming it is due to the ACA.

  • Jon Graham

    We just got back from WDW. When you go to Disney you are paying Disney prices for everything that is just the way it is. We just cut cost elsewhere, cereal for breakfast in room, bring lunch to park, etc. I do think that it will be hard for them to repeatedly raise prices that much faster than the rate of inflation though.

  • Sue

    They had to get the money to pay for health insurance increases somewhere. They just don’t break it down in their bill and come right out an say it. I think they should.

  • Jim Badger

    Obamacare strikes again !

  • tonykphoto9

    Got to pay for the increases to ObamaCare.

  • robin

    no we try to save every year to go down to Disney and stay at port Orleans it makes it harder and harder to save to go down there

  • vicki1954

    I am currently saving now for a trip to Disney (maybe in November). Once upon a time we would stay in a nice hotel on property and eat all our meals in restaurants and buy lots of things (that we really didn’t need) in the shops. We are all adults now and I am reading every blog and site about saving money at WDW that there is. We are planning on staying in a camper in Fort Wilderness and eating most meals there. We will bring some food items from home and what we need to buy we will get at Walmart or a dollar store. We are planning on taking “camel” packs for water and sandwiches and snacks into the park. We will bring ponchos with us — $1.00 vs. $7.50. We may buy ten day tickets ($50.00 more than a 5 day ticket) and save 5 days for next trip. I think we can buy the exteneded coverage on those 5 days at the end of our trip?????

    • hleibac

      According to the Disney ticketing office, you can add the no-expiration offer to your Disney admission tickets anytime as long as there is still an active day left. However, you will pay the no-expiration upgrade for all the days of the original ticket. For example, if you have a 10 day ticket and use up 5 days, then want to get ‘no expire’ for the remaining 5, you will pay the cost of no-expire for 10 days. If you don’t purchase the no-expiration option, the tickets expire 14 days after first use. As always, check with Disney when you make your purchase since things change!

  • Andrea

    I think the price increases at Disney are disgraceful. They are not thinking about families that save for this vacation, they are thinking about their pockets! I mean the CEO’s are getting richer. They don’t care about the workers who make small salaries but continue to spread the magic of Walt Disney’s dream, “A place where families can enjoy themselves and adults can be children again!” I know, I worked very hard at one of their top resort hotels, long hours, different shifts each day, and $7.36 and hour, and you had to pay union dues and medical. As far as keeping the riff raft out, raising prices does not keep them out, they are every where, so don’t knock Universal! I have seen bad nasty people not only at the resort, but in the parks as well. I have stayed at Universal Portofino and go the Parks there, and so far, I have enjoyed myself and everyone was friendly, staff and visitors. I have yearly passes at both Universal and Disney. I enjoy Universal more because they put on good concerts and have new rides yearly. Disney just refurbishes the old ones, and if they add a new ride it takes them so long to complete it. The CEO’s at Disney better start thinking about families who are the heart of Disney, not there pockets.

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