Star Wars Launch Bay

Disney Handing Out Bathroom Passes in Galaxy’s Edge

As you’ve probably heard, Disney is expecting massive crowds and extensive lines for the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios when it opens in August of this year.

Disneyland has already said that they will be issuing advanced reservations for guests for the first month of so of opening before you’ll be able to enter the land on standby. While Disney World hasn’t yet announced this, they have announced that they will be issuing bathroom passes!

Disney World started issuing bathroom passes when Pandora – The World of Avatar opened in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Flight of Passage typically has a two to three hour wait – even nearly two years after opening.  Disney started handing out bathroom passes that allowed guests to leave at least one member of their party behind while the others answer nature’s call.

A bathroom can seem like a galaxy far, far away when you're several hours deep in a new attraction queue, but Disney's got you covered!
A bathroom can seem like a galaxy far, far away when you’re several hours deep in a new attraction queue, but Disney’s got you covered!

When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens, guests in line for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run will also enjoy this amenity.

If you have to go, just flag down a Cast Member, ask for a bathroom pass (which is a plastic placard about the size of a door hanger on a lanyard), and head out to do your business. When you return, head into the FastPass line where you’ll show a Cast Member your card. They’ll grant you access to this shorter and faster line where you’ll proceed through to a small waiting area at the point where the FastPass line joins with the Standby line. Once your party arrives at this location, you will reunite with them and head towards the main attraction. If your family has already past this point by the time you return, you’re out of luck!

This bathroom pass is not a pass to go wander the park while the rest of your family waits since you won’t get to ride if your family has already passed the point of re-entry. It has one purpose, and one purpose only, so don’t dilly dally!

Are Disney bathroom passes for long queues a good idea?