Get a $20 Disney Guidebook at No Cost With Special Promo Code

What would you do for a free Disney guidebook, something you can share with friends and family who don’t know as much as you?

Most travel guides cost about $20. This can be a great value if the book provides helpful time- and money-saving advice on a vacation costing thousands of dollars.

I like to remember Rick Steve’s sage advice: A Guidebook is a $20 tool for a $3,000 vacation.

Get The Book For Free With Promo Code

Well, we have great news for your World of Walt readers! We are offering a free copy of the Walt Disney World guidebook from VIP Tour Book!

Why is it free? To put it in the words of one of the book’s contributors, Rich Payne, “We created the book to share information and make the perfect Disney vacation a possibility for everyone. What better way to do that than give it out for free to our special friends?”

How To Get The Book For Free

The book’s latest, Fall-Winter 2018 edition is being released today, August 15, 2017. To get your free copy, simply visit and use the promotion code “WOW” any time between now and November 15, 2017, after placing the PDF ebook in your shopping cart.

Why Free?

What’s the catch? The hope is that you pass the word along to friends and family using social media, so that others may enjoy this limited time opportunity.

This free book offer can be shared with all your friends and family on social media!

The VIP Tour Book is now available.
The VIP Tour Book is now available.

What sets this book apart?

As reported here last week, the book is published electronically to allow for continuous updates. This ensures you have the most up-to-date vacation information.

VIP Tour Book’s team of locals and insiders have provided the most comprehensive and helpful information, all in one place.

Learn all the great secrets of Disney World. Hundreds of Insider’s Tips are peppered throughout the guidebook. Find out the best times of year to travel and how to beat the Florida heat. Discover money saving secrets, including how not to over-spend during your vacation. The book even shares valuable time saving advice to allow you and your family more time to enjoy the parks and less time waiting around for rides. These tips can’t be beat!

Even seasoned visitors will be amazed when reading the list of over 50 free (yes, free!) things at Walt Disney World. If you’re considering a vacation in the near future, this is the planning tool for you.

What’s next in the guidebook series?

Rich explains, “The support for this book has been overwhelming. We are currently working on two new editions. One is just for children. The other is a complete walkthrough guide of the parks, which will provide further insider secrets and background on our favorite themed lands.

“We are also working on an iPhone and Android app that will provide an easy way to search for attractions, characters, restaurants, and more. It will even include an itinerary builder designed to fill in the gaps from the My Disney Experience app. We hope to provide this resource for free when it’s finished. We will soon have something for everyone!”

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