Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards

Ten years ago, a gift card was considered to be a cop-out gift. Gift cards were what you got for someone when you didn’t know him or her well enough to find a “real gift,” but this isn’t really the case anymore. The general feeling about gift cards has shifted from one of disapproval to acceptance, and even something that is encouraged. Gift cards today are seen as a way of giving a flexible gift that directs the recipient in a direction without taking away his or her option to choose. For example, giving someone a gift card to a movie theater rather than buying him or her a movie, which runs you the risk of getting the wrong genre of movie. One offers them a choice; the other is the final say. With gift cards no longer being a careless gift, they are becoming as hard to pick as a more specific gift. Disney Gift Cards, for example, require a great deal of thought.

When it comes to a gift card for Walt Disney World Resort, you can’t just buy a card with Mickey on it, slap a “to/from” sticker and bow on it and call it good – well, you can, but that would be considered “careless.” Rather, it is important to consider how the Disney Gift Card you give will shape the recipient’s Disney Vacation Experience. Just a few examples of variables to consider are whether the card will be used at Walt Disney World Resort or on a Disney Cruise Line, what favorite Disney character art will the card feature, and is the card meant to be used generally, or at a specific attraction or Disney stores? Now you’re starting to see that giving a Disney Gift Card is no small matter. But fret not, my friend, there is help available.

Disney Gift Cards can be a way to conveniently share the fun of all things Disney.
Disney Gift Cards can be a way to conveniently share the fun of all things Disney.

The Disney Dream Makers is a group of Disney folks committed to helping guests give the best Disney gifts possible. This could be in the form gift cards, resort hotel room decorations, special gifts around the park, or all of the above. The Dream Makers will help you give a magical, memorable gift to that special someone, whatever the occasion.

Special Gifts, Special Delivery

If you are going to be at the Disney Park with the person receiving the gift, you may want to consider having a special gift delivered to a participating location in the theme park. These gifts range from beautiful glass slippers to pirate treasures to special merchandise featuring the recipient’s favorite Disney character, and can be delivered to a restaurant during a birthday meal, for example. The Disney Dream Makers can help you not only pick the gift out, but also to create the perfect set of circumstances surrounding the delivery, including timing and location. If you choose this option don’t forget that you need to make a reservation at the delivery location of choice. You wouldn’t want to miss the special moment waiting for a table because you forget something so simple.

Resort Hotel Room Gifts

If you prefer, you can set up a special gift experience in the recipient’s room, rather than trying to plan one on the go. Special decorations and gifts can be set up in that special someone’s hotel room. Don’t worry, just as with a delivered gift, the Dream Makers will help you plan the perfect timing, gifts, decorations, and participating locations to ensure that the gift is received with the same sentiments with which it was given. The recipient’s room, set up for a small, exclusive celebration will look like it was decorated with magic by the Mouse himself, Mickey.

Disney Gift Card Services

Perhaps you won’t be along for the recipient’s Disney adventure, or even if you will, you are still interested in giving them a gift card instead of or in addition to one of the other two gift options. You will need to decide a few things, with the help of the Disney Dream Makers Disney Gift Card Program. The first is what the card should be used towards – a vacation package, a meal, or something else. The second is how to go about delivering it – in person, as a surprise, and so on. The third is the featured art on the card itself.

In regards to what the gift card should be used towards, you can either get a general card to be used anywhere at Walt Disney World Resort for anything; or you can choose a specific use for it off the bat. If the recipient thinks of herself as a Princess, for example, you may want to get her a gift card for a Princess Makeover at the Bobbitty Bobbitty Boo Boutique, or a meal at Cinderella’s Royale Table. For a roller coaster lover, you may want it to go towards admission to the theme parks. If the recipient loves the arts, perhaps you’d like it to be used for tickets to Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba. However, if you’re not sure what part of Disney that special someone wants to explore, a general gift card is wonderful as well.

The Disney Dream Makers will help you pick the perfect art for the card, and then all that is left is to determine the mode of delivery. You can deliver the card in person, or you can have it waiting in a gift basket in their resort hotel room.

Whatever combination of gifts you choose to give, and whatever method of delivery you opt for, the Disney Dream Makers will help you create the perfect gift giving/receiving experience, so give them a call at (407) WDW-GIFT. Don’t forget you can always buy your gift card and check your balance online as well, but talking with the Disney Dream Makers may prove more beneficial.

Ask About Special Offers

When you purchase your Disney Gift Card, be sure to ask if there are any special offers you can take advantage of. Sometimes you receive a free gift card for a lesser amount based on the amount on the card that you purchase. For example, buying a 200-dollar gift card may get you a free 25 dollar gift card. Sometimes you get a slight discount for paying with your credit card, and so on.

A Magical Gift

Giving a Disney Gift Card is like giving the gift of magic. Truly, you cannot go wrong in wishing that the recipient has an unforgettable time on their Disney Vacation, whether it is enhanced or made at all possible by your gift card. When it comes to gifts, it is the thought that counts, so the more thought you put into booking the right Disney Gift Card for the special someone, the more it will mean in the end.