There are touches of magic found throughout each Disney cruise ship.

Disney Cruise Ship

The two original ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, were joined by the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.  The newer ships are quite a bit larger than the others, but all Disney Cruise Line vessels provide a quality, family-friendly vacation at sea.

New Additions to the Newest Ship

This latest additions to the Disney Cruise Line fleet are 40% larger than either of the original ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder. There are two more decks and a total of 1,250 staterooms.

If a passenger books an inside stateroom without the porthole to the ocean view, they get a virtual porthole.  This is an amazing innovation which features a live video feed of the rolling waves outside the ship.  Occasionally, Disney characters will enter the live scene.  And you can view all of it in high quality HD video.  And yes, you can turn it off whenever you like.

For those fans of water parks and roller coasters, Disney has installed the very first ever roller coaster aboard a cruise ship – featuring water! This is called the Aqua Duck (one might assume, probably correctly, that the name is a play on words for aqueduct). The attraction features 250 yards of tubing which is transparent, and guests soar out over both the ocean and the top decks.

Take a virtual ride on the AquaDuck!


Cabins on board the Disney Dream, as well as the other ocean liners in the Disney fleet, are larger than most other ships. Whatever the size of your group or family, there are a variety of accommodations so that you can find the perfect accommodation for you. The cabins are all contemporary.  There must be one adult in residence in each room.

Would Mid-Ship Suit You?

If you’re prone to motion sickness, consider booking a cabin on the lower decks and mid-ship.  Those locations won’t move as much as the ones on the outer edges or with an ocean view.

When you venture out into the ship you’ll find elegant restaurants, kids clubs, night clubs, lounges, theaters, and other fabulous entertainment.  In the center of the ship especially there is a lot of activity. It’s kind of like being right in the middle of an active and vital small city. There’s more traffic on the elevators and in the corridors.

If you’d like to be a little more laid back and be in a relaxing area of the ship, rather than in the middle of all of the action, then you can think about staying in the aft or fore sections of the liner.

What About a Suite?

If your family or group is quite large, then there are several different options. Suites include concierge services which will save you a lot of time as well as giving you a little bit of extra luxury and service. You can also book two adjoining rooms – there’s a doorway between the two rooms that can remain unlocked if you wish. Rooms with the door are called connecting, while ones without are called adjacent.

On a Budget?

No matter what type of stateroom you have booked, they will always have the attention to detail which Disney is famous for. Inside staterooms are a consideration if you’d like to save your vacation money for more souvenirs as well as fantastic restaurants or if your cruise includes a stop at Disney World. With the virtual porthole you will not feel as ‘closed in’ as you might on a tradition cruise ship cabin because you can always have a real time view of the outside.

Rooms With a View

All Disney cruise ships have some staterooms with an outside veranda. This can be either a Plexiglas veranda or a solid white wall veranda. On the latter, you’ll need to be standing to see the water. Ocean view rooms have a quite large porthole. Deck cabins have two smaller portholes. These wonderful cabins may remind you of how it was to sail back in the era of the grand and classic vessels which used to sail the Atlantic going from New York to Europe, and then back again. Of course, those ships didn’t have Mickey Mouse, Goofy, or Pluto on board!


Depending on the cabin which you book, the bathroom layout will be different. Some have standard looking bathrooms, while others have an innovative and convenient split layout. With the split bathroom, the sink and toilet are in one compartment while another sink and shower are in another compartment. This makes it easy for families to get ready for the day.

A Few Special Things on Board

Disney entertainment can be incredible and varied. There are many things to do for each age group. The list is long and varied:  youth groups, entertainment (live shows and current Disney movies, some of which are in 3-D), character greetings, lots of pools to enjoy, and fitness and spa amenities for the adults.

Are You Hungry?

Disney food is second to none across their entire theme park, resort, and cruise network. You’ll find incredible food prepared by excellent chefs.  This includes everything from gourmet signature dining experiences to fast food.  If you have food allergies or special needs, a chef will usually come out and discuss them with you. There are gluten-free options as well as other special diets.

Super Special Occasions

Disney cast members love to help with your special occasion. You can renew your wedding vows, celebrate an anniversary or a birthday, or get married on the ship or on own tropical island, called Castaway Cay.

A Great Vacation Holiday Awaits

While there is an endless list of fun waiting for you on the Disney Cruise Lines, you can also combine your cruise with a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort – including free transportation from the ship to the parks, hotel reservations on Disney property, and park admission tickets.

People who have enjoyed a Disney cruise before, know that each and every one is a special occasion. Sit down with your family and plot out your own very special occasion.