So, here you are: a teenager and someone booked you a Disney Cruise. You’re not feeling crazy about the idea.

Disney Cruise Reviews

Maybe it was your parent’s misguided attempt at rewarding you, or perhaps your grandparents or some obscure aunt and uncle who always seem about 10 years behind on the things that you really like (or just continues to think you’re still ten years old). The point is, you’ve got a ticket for some glorified Mickey Mouse boat set to go to some old person’s paradise, and you are, let’s say, less than thrilled, trolling the Internet for Disney Cruise reviews, hoping to find something that will tell you that your trip will be worth it. You would also accept a site for scalping the Disney Cruise Line tickets, except hurting the feelings of the person who was so excited to bequeath said cruise tickets to you thrills you less than the idea of wasting a week aboard some cruise ship.

Most of the reviews you’ve found are mom-oriented blogs talking about how kid-friendly the ship is, talking about costume Mickey Mouse performers and kids clubs, and what a wonderful time your 8 year old kid would have on board the ship and on land during a super duper family-friendly Disney shore excursion. This would be all fine and well if you had an 8 year old, or were an 8 year old, but with neither being the case, you’re just not finding yourself terribly pumped to be trapped in this floating dud of a vacation. Will there even be any other teens on board?

To start out with, you’ve never had an interest in going on a cruise at all. What teenagers go on cruises?  Ocean liners scare you after you saw Titanic and Poseidon Adventure at too young an age, and one cruise review stated how much “fun under the sun” their cruise was. You don’t enjoy tropical weather, and are not eager to show off your awkward tan lines in that ill-fitting swim suit. You are starting to feel like a cat at bath time, and these first-hand accounts aren’t really having a positive effect on your views.

Like a Transformer, Disney Cruises Offer More than Meets the Eye

RELAX for a minute, and give some of these blogs another looksie. These reviews may become very helpful if you sift through some of the Disney fluff and get down to some of the really good stuff. Perhaps some that mention of how unbelievably fantastic the food was, the exotic beauty and once in a lifetime opportunities provided by the unique shore excursions, or the rich history and lavish decorations of the Disney cruise ships. Read between the lines on some of these blogs and learn what the Disney cruise line really has to offer, what secret value is included in the cost of your ticket.

This is truly the best way to gauge how much you will enjoy your cruise experience. If you’re an engineer, or interested at all in how things work, you could spend the entirety of your cruise wandering the ship and examining its construction. If you’re a foodie, you can enjoy the variety of dishes available to eat in the main dining room and specialty restaurants alike. If you are a hiker, or are into other outdoor activities, water related or not, you will enjoy exploring land and sea alike at destination ports and shore excursions alike, which vary depending on the cruise. Not to mention that, if you have any strong feelings about the subject of interior decoration, you could spend your entire cruise drooling over the décor in the stylings of the golden age of cruising.

Most cruise lines, of course, recommend that you do such research before you book, but receiving the tickets as a gift prevents you from doing so. Researching before you depart for your cruise is the really important part, if you were unprepared for the glory and wonder of a Walt Disney Cruise Line vacation until you boarded this ship, you would be overwhelmed by all things good aboard. This might result in you missing out on some very cool opportunities because you didn’t know about them or because you too busy trying to plan as you go.

As for you concerns about the awkward tan lines and swim suit and all that, first off, Disney does have cruises that aim for less typical tropical destinations like Canada, New England, Europe, Alaska and the Pacific Coast. These scenic, more tepid cruising destinations are as equally enjoyable as some of their other destination that are a bit more what you might expect from a cruise line, i.e. the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera and Hawaii. Of course, if you discover that your ticket is indeed set for a more tropical destination, don’t panic, there are plenty of activities on each and every cruise to suit your lifestyle and preference – nightclubs if you are nocturnal and spa and fitness clubs if you prefer indoor activities. In the off chance you think you could be talked into a swim suit, great pools, lazy rivers and even the world’s first water coaster, the AquaDuck – fun no matter who you are!

You Can Love Your Cruise – Really

There are many ways to make scouring the Internet for Disney Cruise Reviews work for you. Learn to be a more critical, careful reader and look for the good info that comes with the stuff you could care less about. You can probably pluck a full on restaurant review from a blog that seems to mostly talk about the wildlife that occasionally swims along the boat just because the blogger had an outdoor table at it. It is also distinctly possible that in one of those mom blogs, she makes mention of a good drink or great masseuse that she enjoyed, as well as all of the stuff her kid did. You are the master of your own cruising destiny, and your Disney cruise vacation will be what you make of it. So do your research and make it a good one!