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Disney Cruise Line Announces Policy Changes: Payments, Cancellations

Disney Cruise Line is a lot like Disney World and other vacation destinations in that you have to make your final payment within so many days of your arrival and there are fees for late cancellation.

Disney Cruise Line has recently updated their final payments and cancellation policies, and they’re the third cruise line in a year to make similar changes.

Let’s take a look at Disney’s new policy changes!

Final Payment Schedule

Disney has moved the due dates of their final payments up.

For standard rooms, guests sailing between one and five nights will have to make their final payments 90 days before their cruise, 15 days before the previous due date. Cruises six nights or more will require the final payment 120 days before arrival, a full month before the old final payment schedule.

Guests staying in a suite or on concierge level on cruises five nights or less will also have to make their payment 120 days before their cruise, and cruises 6 or more nights will require final payment 150 days before.

Disney Cruise Line has updated their final payment and cancellation policies for all of their cruises.
Disney Cruise Line has updated their final payment and cancellation policies for all of their cruises.

Cancellation Policy

Regardless of room level, cruises between one and five nights must be cancelled 90 days before the cruise, which coincides with the 90-day final payment requirement. At 89 days, you will lose your deposit. At 44 days, you’ll lose half of your payment. At 29 days, you’ll lose 75%, and at 14 days, you’ll forfeit the entire cost of your cruise if you cancel.

Guests who cancel cruises more than five nights will lose their deposit at 56 days, 50% at 30 days, 75% at 15 days, and 100% of the cruise cost at 14 days or less.

The good news is that Disney has removed all final payment and cancellation policies specific to holiday sailings (Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July). These changes will take effect for cruises booked on or after September 11, 2018.

Disney Cruise Line moves cancellation deadlines: does it matter to you?