This is it. The moment in your life you never really thought would happen - until it did. You’ve done it, you’ve proposed to the woman of your dreams, and she said yes!

Disney Cruise Deals

You’re thinking the hard part is over, until you start planning the wedding, but that’s not so bad. It’s just tasting cakes, looking over color swatches, and giving your girlfriend – fiancé lots of hugs. It’s just like when you painted your kitchen together. The really scary part is the honeymoon. What the heck are you going to do for the honeymoon? Your fiancé’s niece, who’s all of seven, suggests you go on a Disney Cruise. Deals, she promises, are on their website, just waiting for you! Hah! What does a 7-year-old know about a honeymoon?

With the wedding bills piling up and no end in sight, your ideas for a romantic get away for you and your bride-to-be seem farther and farther fetched. It’s not fair! You want to give her everything she wants and more for your honeymoon but she keeps needing this dress from France and organic flowers, and – really, how do flowers get more organic than growing out of the ground and- and- and- your honeymoon budget is so low you’re about to Google the Motel 8s across the states and plot a bus trip to Niagara Falls.

Maybe her 7-year-old niece might just be a genius! Disney Cruise Deals are here to save the day. Think about it – what was the most romantic movie of your, and subsequently your bride-to-be’s, generation: Titanic – forgetting that the second half of the movie happened, of course, but a cruise vacation is the answer! A cruise has everything – wining, dining, dancing, luxury like you’ve never imagined, a beautiful view of the open ocean and even one of those railings where you two can pretend to fly or be “King of the World” or whatever the point of the romantic scene at the railing was! It’s perfect! You need to book your honeymoon onboard one of Disney’s luxury cruise line ships, so what is your first step?

Which Ship?

The first thing you will need to do is choose which Disney cruise ship to put your newlywed butts on to sail off into sunset after making it through the intense joy and inevitable stress of your marriage ceremony. This honeymoon vacation will define a lot about how you remember the whole marriage – because you are both likely to be a bit shell shocked by the ceremony. More than likely, your reflections of the ceremony during your honeymoon are what you will remember better. Lucky for you then, that the names of the Disney cruise ships – Fantasy, Wonder, Magic and Dream, all set in an atmosphere for those reflections to be as special as the ceremony and your love which it symbolized.

Everything about your ship choice is important. Which ship you travel on will determine what destinations are available to you, which port excursions, where you are able to eat, the design of your stateroom, and of course, the price. If you have to start with price and work out from there, that’s just fine. Each ship truly offers an environment of magic and fantasy, to truly fill the passenger’s hearts with wonder and give them the vacation adventure of their dreams.

Then What?

The next step is to get your honeymoon booked. A great way to ensure that you get the best rate available with the highest discount is to contact a travel agent who specializes in booking Disney vacation, particularly Disney cruise vacations. Be sure you find a sight that has some form of Disney stamp of approval on it – this is usually in the form of a banner identifying the site as authorized or affiliated with Disney somehow. The easiest way to tell is whether or not they try to charge you up front. A travel agent is paid by the destination, not the traveler.

Walt Disney Travel Agents have access an exclusive sight with up to the second info on the most current discounts and special offers – that is why they are the best. Disney gives them the tools to be the best so that they can give you the best rate available. They do this through a combination of their knowledge of special offers and discounts or onboard credits. Rates for stays most nights can be reduced from their original price by quite a bit.

Booking through a Disney travel agent gets you an onboard credit- onboard credits are like rewards points that manifest as real money. Sometimes it is $50 in onboard credit towards a restaurant, other times it can be an amount per person or per room. The Disney travel agent you speak with will know best. They will be able to help you plan your whole vacation including a personal travel summary regarding any special itineraries and theme dining or shows you hope to attend. If you have any questions at all, even something as arbitrary as stateroom categories or which restaurant serves the best dessert, you can as them – it’s their job to know, and their job to tell you. Besides, talking with them is toll free!

Plan Your Itinerary

Itinerary is a big scary word that means, when you get aboard the ship, you don’t just “wing it.” There are so many onboard activities available that you and your fiancé – wife will be totally overwhelmed by all the choices. You may stress out or even fight, which is certainly not a good way to spend a honeymoon. The better choice is to surf the Disney website with your beloved and pick out some activities to do together.

Maybe she really wants to do a shore excursion, and you really want to catch a live show, and you both are really into the idea of the fine wine and dining event that should be going on while you are onboard. You can even register for some of the events up front through their website – this is recommended, as it is a good way to ensure that the activity is not full or unavailable to you for some other reason.

Also, be sure to check out any suggestions made by the travel agent you spoke with – no one knows better than they do A.) how to get the best discounts and B.) the must sees and must dos of the Disney cruise line. It is their job to know what to recommend so that you have the best time possible. They have no interest in you and your wife having a mediocre time – that doesn’t do them, or you, any good.

Truly, few things could be better than sharing a luxury honeymoon cruise with your lovely wife – so what the heck are you waiting for?