FastPass + entrance at Mad Tea Party

Disney Continues Fastpass Plus Installations

As part of the $1 billion roll out of the overall NextGen / MyMagic + initiative, Disney continues to install new signs and RFID reading posts throughout the parks.

On a recent trip I saw many additional FastPass + signs and entrances throughout the parks, especially the Magic Kingdom.

Before we take a look at all the new installations, let’s do a quick review.

FastPass + Concept

The general concept behind FastPass + is that you will get to schedule a number of attractions or experiences (like parades or fireworks shows) in advance of your vacation, and that you will be able to enjoy those rides or experiences without a wait. This is very similar to the current FastPass system, except that you can schedule several of them in advance – before arriving for your vacation.

Known Facts

There are plenty of rumors and guesses about the overall NextGen system and about FastPass +. Here are some NextGen facts we know to be true, since they were announced by Tom Staggs, the Chairman of Disney Parks:

  • Testing is still in process: Disney has already conducted several tests of the NextGen program, including early tests for the RFID entrance gates, annual passholder RFID conversion, and the latest tests of FastPass + by resort guests. Since Disney is still testing, it is likely they will make adjustments to the program based on the test results.
  • Roll out is planned by the end of 2013: According to Staggs, Disney is planning to roll out the MyMagic + experience by the end of 2013. As with all programs as large and complex as this one, there are certainly risks that the timing might not happen as expected.
  • It’s more than just scheduling: The overall NextGen is not just about scheduling attractions in advance – there will be other promotions offered, but we don’t yet know what they will be.

Educated Guesses

Here are some of the rumored details about FastPass +. These are not confirmed, but many people seem to think this is what we will see:

  • Three experiences per day: Many rumors suggest that you will be able to schedule three different FastPass + events each day (either an attraction or an experience – like a parade or fireworks show). Some rumors have stated that Disney Resort hotel guests or those who pay more might get more than three, but most recent commentary suggest that won’t be the case – at least initially.
  • Schedule 60 days in advance: Other rumors suggest that you will be able to schedule your FastPass + experiences well in advance of arriving for your vacation, using the MyMagic+ web site or your smart phone app. Most people think the scheduling will open 60 days in advance of your vacation.
  • No more paper: Most people believe that the tradition FastPass paper admission tickets will go away.

FastPass + Photos

Now that we’ve done a quick review of some facts and guesses on FastPass +, let’s take a look at some photos of new FastPass + installations around the Magic Kingdom:

FastPass + entrance at Mad Tea Party.
FastPass + entrance at Mad Tea Party.
FastPass + entrance at it's a small world.
FastPass + entrance at it’s a small world.
FastPass + entrance at Mickey's Philharmagic.
FastPass + entrance at Mickey’s Philharmagic.
FastPass + entrance at Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.
FastPass + entrance at Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.
FastPass + entrance at Indy Cars.
FastPass + entrance at Indy Cars.