Disney by the Numbers – Interesting Facts and Figures

If you are reading this page, you are likely a Disney fan. You probably know that Disney is a huge, global corporation. You may know that Disney makes a lot of money (much of which has come out of my wallet).

However, do you know just how much money they made in 2014?

Do you remember how many Oscar’s Walt Disney won?

Do you know how many people work for the Walt Disney Company?

Disney by the numbers is an interesting look into the statistics behind this beloved company.

Let’s take a look:

22 – The number of Oscar awards Walt Disney personally won. This is more than any other person in the history of the award.

$49 billion – The amount of income Disney generated in 2014.

175,000 – The number of employees Disney has worldwide.

$7.5 billion – The total amount of profit the Walt Disney Company created in 2014.

First – Disney was the first company to create a full-length animated film: Snow White.

2016 – The year that Disney is scheduled to open its first theme park in Shanghai, mainland China.

Recently Disney has done an amazing job of making lots of money.
Recently Disney has done an amazing job of making lots of money.


$1 billion – The amount of bailout money allocated to fix up Disneyland Paris, which has long suffered from poor attendance and debt problems.

$2.5 billion – The amount of profit generated by the Parks and Resorts division, which includes theme parks, cruise lines, and the Disney Vacation Club.

$1 billion – The amount of income that the Disney Consumer Products division generated last year. This is the largest licensor in the world, allowing companies that create books, toys, and clothes to use Disney characters on their products.

99% – The number of US households that have access to Disney’s ABC television network.

34 – The number of languages in which Disney television and cable broadcasts on 100 channels across the globe.

3x – The approximate amount by which the company stock has increased over the past ten years, growing from $28 per share then to the $90s now.

$156 billion – The total value of the company.


Do you like Disney’s business accomplishments?