Discount Disney World Tickets

Discount Disney World Tickets

You have to consider where the family will stay as well as the food that will be needed for the entire trip. There are also the extras such as souvenirs and shopping – the cost of T-shirts along can really add up! All of this and you still have to buy your Walt Disney World tickets to get into the parks. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get discount Disney World tickets? Fortunately there is a way for you to save money so that you can have enough left over to enjoy all of the other aspects of your vacation.

To help make your visit to Orlando theme parks more affordable, Disney offers the Magic Your Way ticket. While some people find this program of purchasing admission a bit confusing, it is very flexible and it is designed to allow you to choose the appropriate package for your specific needs. You simply decide how you want to plan your vacation and then choose the ticket that will best allows you to accomplish your goals.

Consider which ticket options you really need when making your purchase.
Consider which ticket options you really need when making your purchase.

Disney has been called the most magical place on earth, and with good reason. There are four exciting theme parks that you can visit, each offering a little something different. In addition to the theme parks, there are two water parks. There are various resorts available for your stay and many options available for dining. The resort is truly a special place that allows you to make memories that you and your family are sure to cherish always. There is something available for people of all ages. The adults can have just as much fun as the kids with all the opportunities for shopping and spectacular shows. Combine dinner with entertainment by attending one of the many popular dinner shows. Disney really does provide a world of entertainment options.

Plan Your Trip

The first thing you will want to do is plan how many days you want to visit the theme parks. Choose from one to 10 days. Prices will vary according to how many days you choose and how many people are in your vacation party. Discount tickets are available for children under 10 years old. After you have made your decision regarding how many days you wish to visit, choose the corresponding Magic Your Way base ticket. For instance, if you want to visit Disney world for 3 days, you will simply choose the 3 day Magic Your Way base ticket. The base ticket allows you to visit one park a day for the number of days that you have chosen.

Ticket Add Ons

There are many add-ons available that will enhance your vacation experience and give you more for your money. The options include the ability to park hop, the ability to make sure your unused days don’t expire, and the ability to visit Disney water parks and other parks.

The Park Hopper Option

The Park Hopper option allows you to hop between parks. Add this option to your ticket and you will be able to visit all of Disney’s four theme parks each day of your pass. You can have unlimited access to the Epcot theme park, the Animal Kingdom theme park, the Magic Kingdom theme park, and the Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park with this simple addition. Just imagine the flexibility this provides for you and your family. This is a very popular add on as it does not limit you to just one park.

If you are a first timer visitor, this park hopper may not be necessary. There are plenty of things to see in any one of the parks so you can save a little money by skipping the park hoper option. However, if you are a repeat visitor to the Walt Disney World Resort, you may want to visit just your favorite attractions or shows. You might not need a full day in a theme park. The park hopper gives you added flexibility.

The No Expiration Option

Another great option to add to your ticket is the No expiration option. Without this option, your Magic Your Way tickets will expire 14 days after their first use. For a one-time fee, give yourself more options and more flexibility by adding the No expiration option. If there are days that you don’t use the tickets, you can use them at any other time because they never expire. If you did not choose this option when you first purchased the ticket, you still have the opportunity to do so for up to 14 days. This is a great option to add so that you will not feel rushed to visit the theme parks. You can do so at your leisure, knowing that you are free to return at any time.

Disney’s ticket prices are set up so that additions days, beyond the first few, become much less expensive per additional day. If you know that you will return to Disney in the future, you might consider investing in additional days since you will get the extra days at a lower cost. But this only makes sense if the days don’t expire – and the No Expiration Option provides exactly that feature.

The Waterpark Fun & More Option

Enhance your stay at Disney with the Waterpark Fun & More Option. With this option you have access to the Blizzard Beach Water Park and the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. If this is not enough, the Waterpark Fun & More Option will also give you access to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, Disney Quest indoor amusement park, and the Oak Trail Golf course. Combine this option with the Park Hopper Option and you and your family will never run out of things to do.

Options can be added to the Magic Your Way Base ticket in any combination you can imagine. You may have limited time available and your only concern is that your tickets do not expire. The No Expiration option would perfectly suit your needs. If you or your kids easily tire of one activity, then the Park Hopper or Waterpark fun & More option would be the way to go.

The Magic Your Way ticket was designed to give you ultimate flexibility to enjoy Disney’s theme parks at discounted ticket prices. Whether you decide to use the base ticket on its own or choose to add one or more of the many options, you will have a memorable experience at Walt Disney World.