Dinner and a Movie – Toy Story 4

Feeling housebound and in need of something fun to do? How about planning a Disney Dinner & A Movie Night to fill your weekend with something fun! 

This is a weekly tradition for my family and something that everybody looks forward to.  It has even encouraged my kids to eat foods they wouldn’t normally be interested in because the food has fun names.

I am so happy to share my Toy Story 4 menu with you so hopefully, you can feel inspired to do something fun while stuck at home as well.  


Slinky’s Pretzel Dogs

Mr. Potato’s Head

Woody’s Watermelon

Rex’s Herbivore Salad

Buzz Lightyear’s Lightspeed Fuel

Bo Beep’s Pink Floats

Let’s Get Dinner Ready

For the main course, I made Slinky’s Pretzel Dogs following this recipe. If you wanted something easier you could always make corn dogs or hot dogs. For the sides, I kept it simple with frozen French fries (Mr. Potato’s Head), salad (Rex’s Herbivore Salad), & diced watermelon (Woody’s Watermelon).

Slinky’s Pretzel Dogs, Rex’s Salad, Mr. Potato Heads, Woody’s Watermelon

My kids’ favorite part of our meal is the specialty drink. For Buzz Lightyear Lightspeed Fuel we had lime Jarritos soda topped with a dollop of whipped cream and an orange sugar rim (I wet the outside of the glass with wet fingers and then dip into the orange sugar sprinkles).  

Buzz Lightyear’s Lightspeed Fuel

Save Room

For dessert, we had Bo Beep’s Pink Floats. I filled the glass with strawberry ice cream and filled the glass lemon-lime soda.

Bo Peeps Pink Float

I hope you feel inspired to make a Disney Dinner and A Movie Night of your own!

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Enjoy a Dinner and a Disney Movie?