Dining Adventures Disney World

Dining Adventures Disney World

If you asked everyone who had ever been to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida for a list of their Top Ten Favorites Things at Walt Disney World, it is likely that each and every single one of them would list a restaurant somewhere on their list. This is because here are some amazing dining adventures at Disney World – some of the most unique and fantastic dining that you will ever experience.

Thanks to the diversity of the attractions and the variety of appeal that Walt Disney World strives to put forth, you will find dishes and delectables from all around the world, appealing to every palette, from wild to vanilla.

If you yourself have been to Walt Disney World, you know exactly how mind-blowing their dining experiences can be. If you’ve never been, you’ve heard the tales. Also, if you have been to Disney once, or one thousand times, there is one restaurant or dish that stands out so clearly in your mind, you dream about it at night and wake up drooling. You crave it at inexplicable moments, and are unable to satisfy this craving with anything less. When you plan your return trip to Disney, before you’ve even ensured you and your family a Disney Resort Hotel roof above your heads, you have made an advanced dining reservation for your favorite restaurant.

Dining Adventures Disney World
There are plenty of great dining options throughout the Disney World property.

Checking Out New Options

While it is all fine and good to have your favorite restaurants and meals, if you stick too much to what’s familiar, you may find yourself missing out on the real treats that Disney has to offer. Maybe deep in your heart, you know this. Maybe you guiltily sneak by some of the more exotic restaurants at Disney, trying to ignore the siren’s call of sizzling Ostrich fillet or to ignore the smells of strange and tantalizing spice blends. Whether you want to or not, it is time that you broke out of your comfort zone, and sampled even more of the giant smorgasbord of restaurants offered at Walt Disney World.

Follow Your Nose

One great way to find a new Disney World restaurant is to follow your nose. This may sound a bit ridiculous, but smell and taste are heavily linked senses. If you like the way something smells, it is extremely likely that you will enjoy the way it tastes. If some of the restaurants from foreign countries, like Boma or some of the dining experiences offered at the Epcot World Showcase, are intimidating to you, relax. It is just food. No matter how unfamiliar the restaurant names or dish descriptions may seem, its just food. Walk up to the entrance of the restaurant, take a whiff, and don’t be surprised if you find your mouth watering.

You can use your other senses to assess the restaurant too. Take a listen. Do you like the music? The noise level? Look inside. Does the ambience strike you as pleasant? Have a seat in a chair, if the restaurant is not busy, or a waiting area. Is it comfortable? All of these aspects will give you cues as to if this restaurant is your kind of place or not. Finally, take a gander at the menu. There is something to be said for enjoying an old favorite in a new place. If you chicken out at the last minute and just can’t get behind the idea of a squid fusion dish, make sure they have a burger or some chicken strips. It is likely that a new restaurant will at least put a new twist on your classic favorite.

Have A Go To Ingredient

It is a good idea to have a sort of “go to ingredient” that will help you navigate new and confusing menus. Maybe its chicken, or lamb, or a certain sauce, like balsamic reduction. It is a good idea to have something that you seem to enjoy no matter how it is dressed up. It could be crab cakes, or shitake mushrooms. Even if you can narrow it down to a type of dish, like salad, or sandwich. Having this go to item will help you find the part of the menu that you can appreciate, no matter how uncomfortable you are ordering outside of your comfort zone.

For example, maybe you love a good burger, and you find yourself, for the first time, enjoying the laid back atmosphere of Paradiso 37 at Disney Springs (complete with a tequila bar that is host to 37 different kinds of tequila), featuring a menu full of ethnically influenced fare. There is a burger on the menu that has pineapple, bacon, and Gouda cheese on it. Besides bacon, these are ingredients you would not normally see on a burger. Therefore, even by ordering that go to ingredient, burger, you are trying a new dish – a burger with pineapple, Gouda, and bacon on it. In the same restaurant, if you enjoyed mushrooms, you could get roasted mushroom tacos – now there is something you do not see every day. If worst comes to worst, and you chicken out, they also make a mean corndog.

New Experiences At The Beginning Or End

Even if you can order just part of your meal outside of your comfort zone, just the appetizers, or the dessert, you will be well on your way to being a Walt Disney foodie. Trying the Copetta Sotto Bosco at Tutto Italia – a dish of amaretti cookies, berries, cream, and drizzle of chocolate served in a goblet – or even just the Chinois Chicken at Wolfgang Puck Express is making leaps and bounds over getting chicken strips and fries or a turkey sandwich at every restaurant you visit. Sure, they would be just about the best turkey sandwich and chicken strips you’ve ever had anywhere, but then what? Where do you go from there? What do you try next?

Luckily, if you’re planning to go on dining adventures, Walt Disney World Resort is the best place to do it. Each and every restaurant has distinctive décor, a welcome atmosphere, only the best service, and menu full of dishes featuring the same artistry and attention to detail as the theme park resort itself.

The truth is that no matter where you eat at Disney, and no matter what, you are on a dining adventure.