Here’s the deal: when you’re on vacation, especially in a location like Walt Disney World, calories don’t count! You’ll more than likely walk everything you eat off, anyway, so that’s why I like to treat myself to some things I’d never eat while home. One of those things that I try to get on every trip is a hot dog. Hey, when I’m on vacation, I give myself a free pass. Let’s take a look at the Delicious Dogs of Disney.

Beaches Hot Dog

Location: Beaches & Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

This one is a pretty standard, no frills dog that will get the job done after you’ve been walking around Epcot all day! It can also be topped with sauerkraut or chili to kick it up a notch, but I think it’s perfect with just a little line of yellow mustard down the middle (I don’t get the ketchup on a hot dog thing…am I crazy?) If you get the hot dog here, though, you need to make sure to leave room for some of the awesome ice cream this restaurant has to offer. If you’re brave enough, you can try the Kitchen Sink for dessert, which serves four and is more ice cream than anyone could ever really need in their lives!

Chili-Cheese Foot-long Hot Dog

Location: Fairfax Fare at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

So a regular-sized hot dog isn’t enough for you? Head over to Fairfax Fare and grab their foot-long monster topped with an awesome blend of chili and cheese! The best part about this one (besides it being enough food for you for an entire day!) is that Fairfax Fare is extremely close to both the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster.  So you can have your foot long hot dog and then try to keep it down while going on a couple of Disney’s most famous thrill rides!

Fairfax Fare has lots of great hot dog options.
Fairfax Fare has lots of great hot dog options.

Hand-Dipped Corn Dog

Location: Fantasy Fare Food Truck in Disney Springs

The corn dogs that are served from the Little Red Wagon in Disneyland have almost a cult following out in Southern California. If you’ve ever had the chance to try one, you know exactly why: they are pretty darn delicious! I had my first one out in Disneyland a couple of years ago and instantly knew what all of the fuss was about. Well, did you know that the Fantasy Fare Food Truck in Disney Springs offers up those same exact Disneyland-style hand dipped dogs? Sure, there are fancier places to eat than food trucks all over Disney Springs, but I don’t know if it gets better than grabbing a battered hot dog on a stick and walking around the beautifully re-designed streets of Disney Springs at night!

Anything From Casey’s Corner

Location: Magic Kingdom

The ultimate hot dog haven in all of Walt Disney World, Casey’s Corner has a ton of different options to satisfy your hot dog craving like their chili-cheese dog and their amazing little corn dog nuggets (they go great with fries, by the way!) The real show stopper here though is the Barbecue Slaw Dog (which is also available as a foot-long!) This one is a hot dog topped with pulled pork, coleslaw, and barbecue sauce! If you’re not all that adventurous, of course you can grab a regular hot dog (please don’t put ketchup on it!) and sit down, relax, and watch the people (or parades) go by on Main Street USA!

Casey's is synonymous with hotdogs!
Casey’s is synonymous with hotdogs!

On your next trip to Walt Disney World, just remember while you’re there that all of those calories magically come off in the Florida sun! Go, enjoy some awesome hot dogs at these amazing places, and have a great time! You can always watch what you eat again as soon as you are off Disney property!

Do you enjoy the hot dog options at Disney World?  Your favorite?