Decorate Your Disney Hotel Room

Many people travel to Disney World to celebrate a special occasion like a holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even a first trip.

Decorating your room is not only really fun, but it also shows other guests what you’re celebrating. What’s more, it’s fun to come back to your room and see your decorations! It makes your room feel like your home away from home for the duration of your stay!

So, what is the best way to go about decorating your Disney Resort Hotel room? Before you choose any decorations, set some ground rules.

Whatever decorations you choose should be safe for you and for those around you. Do not bring candles or anything that will burn or get hot. Some resorts have rules about safety too; for example, Animal Kingdom Lodge doesn’t allow outside decorations for the safety of the animals.

Second, be neighborly. Don’t choose decorations that are loud or scary.

Finally, be courteous. Your decorations should not be permanent or damaging to the walls, windows, or furniture inside or outside of your hotel room.

With those rules in mind, let’s take a look at some decoration ideas!

Window Decals

Window decals are perfect because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. They are also cheap and easy to pack.

A quick search on Amazon returned princess decals, Mickey Christmas decals, snowflakes, Star Wars, Pooh, and of course, Frozen clings. Pick your favorite characters and decorate your window when you arrive.

It doesn’t take much time, and you’ll be out to the parks in no time!

Window clings are easy to transport, apply, and remove.
Window clings are easy to transport, apply, and remove.


Lights are the quintessential Christmas decoration, but they can be difficult for a few reasons. Not only do you have to find a way to hang them, you also have to find an outlet nearby to plug them in. While command hooks, extension cords, and power strips easily solve these problems, that’s a lot of bulky things to pack in your suitcase.

Regardless, lights can make great window decorations. They make your room easy to find at night, and they can be spotted from far away.


Most hotel rooms have window ledges that are perfect for toys. Let the kids pick their favorite action figures, plush, or anything else that will sit well on the ledge, and throw them in the suit case. Unless they’re hard metal or plastic, they’re easy to squish into small spaces in luggage.

You can also put souvenirs in the window as you buy them- just make sure it’s nothing too valuable.

Plush toys are a fun way to decorate.
Plush toys are a fun way to decorate.


Paper is a crafter’s best friend! With a little artistic ability, you can create just about anything!

If you’re celebrating something in particular, print out a sign to tell everyone! Things like “Just Married.” “Bride to Be,” “Honeymooners,” “Class of 2017,” or “Happy Birthday” will remind you of just how much you’ve accomplished every time you enter your room, and you just might get some congratulations from your fellow resort guests, Cast Members, and even Mousekeeping.

You can also draw characters, pictures, or, if you’re really crafty, make origami!

Paper is easy to pack because it takes up little space in your suitcase, but it can be difficult to keep paper in good condition. If you’re making paper decorations, consider buying a plastic folder or something else sturdy that will keep your paper from bending. You can draw pictures at home and pack them, but I would suggest making origami in your room once you arrive.

Holiday Décor

Decorating your room for a holiday can really get you in the festive spirit.

Holiday decorations can spruce up your space.
Holiday decorations can spruce up your space.

For Halloween, use any of the ideas above to create Jack-o-Lanterns and ghosts. For Christmas, Santa, Snowmen, Snowflakes, or a nativity scene would be perfect. I’ve even seen people wrap their hotel door in wrapping paper like a present! Use flags or firework images for the Fourth of July, or a turkey for Thanksgiving!

Do you decorate your Disney hotel room?