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Declining Disney Housekeeping Leads to Reorganizing Mousekeeping

Disney World has always set the standard for how to treat guests in the hotel and theme park industries. As new and fancier hotels are opening up in and around Disney World, other resorts have set the bar higher, and Disney World has to raise their bar too especially for Disney’s Deluxe Resorts.

Many Disney World visitors say Disney’s housekeeping, called Mousekeeping, is declining in quality. While not everyone has recognized the decline, this isn’t a good reputation for Disney.

So how will they do it?

Disney recently rolled out a dispatching system using iPhones to track the location of custodial staff and send them to clean areas that are close by. Custodians no longer wander aimlessly through their assigned area. When an area is reported as needing attention, the closest custodian will get an alert to go to that location.

Disney is working to improve the quality of its housekeeping.
Disney is working to improve the quality of its housekeeping.

The company is planning to use this same system for Mousekeeping. They say that it will help to more efficiently clean rooms that have been reserved for that day’s new arrivals.

Disney is also planning to increase the number of Mousekeeping Cast Members including more than a dozen managers. There have been reports that Disney is also planning to hire a third party company to help retrain Cast Members in the industry standards for housekeeping.

Disney housekeeping: Good, or Needs Improvement?