Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall – Even At Disney World

It was American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who penned the line “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” sometime in the 1800s. Smart guy.

It is true that we will all encounter rain, but when it comes to your Walt Disney World vacation, you should make plans in advance for how to deal with it.

While nobody likes to have rain on their vacation, it doesn’t have to wipe out your plans if you do a bit of preparation in advance.

Here are four ways you can prepare for rain to make sure that you can keep having fun even when the skies turn dark.

1 – Set Your Mind That It Will Rain

One of the biggest battles for dealing with rain on your vacation will happen in your head, even before you step foot in Central Florida. If you’ve got the idea of only “picture perfect” weather with sunny blue skies and cool breezes, you are setting yourself up for a letdown. The weather in Florida is nice, but it is far from perfect. You should think ahead that you will see rain. It is very likely that you will. Then, when it does inevitably rain, it won’t be a shock and it won’t be a big disappointment.

Part of dealing with rain is your mindset.
Part of dealing with rain is your mindset.

2 – Bring Your Gear Regardless Of The Forecast

Together with mental preparation goes physical preparation. Bring your rain ponchos or rain jackets. Umbrellas can work too, but generally not as well since Florida tends to have downpours. If you aren’t covered up with a poncho and use only an umbrella, the intensity of the shower or the least bit of wind means you will get soaked.

3 – Keep On Going

Since you’ve made up your mind that it will rain and since you have your gear, you can keep on going when it rains! Most Florida showers are intense but short lived. Unless you are facing hurricane-force winds or lightning, you will be able to march through the rain to your next destination.

4 – Have Plan B Ready

Sometimes the weather will get the best of the situation. Sometimes the rain comes down too hard to keep going. Have an alternative plan ready. A rainy afternoon can be a great excuse to go back to your resort and take a nap. A long rain can be the perfect reason to take in a movie or check out DisneyQuest at Disney Springs. You can also head for some of the attractions that take longer to experience – can you say the Universe Of Energy?

How do you prepare for rainy weather at Disney World?