AquaDuck water coaster

Slide into Fun on Disney Cruise Line’s AquaDuck! (Video)

Disney Cruise Line is a popular family cruise line, and it comes with all the fun and innovation we have come to expect from Disney. In fact, DCL was the first to debut the water coaster at sea on their Dream and Fantasy ships.

They cleverly called it the AquaDuck, and Donald Duck is prominently featured in ride signs.

The AquaDuck combines the physics of a rollercoaster with the enjoyment of a waterslide all on a cruise ship! It’s 765 feet long and pumps 10,000 gallons per minute to give you a thrilling ride!

Let’s take a ride on the AquaDuck and learn some more about this fun attraction at sea!

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Ever ride the AquaDuck on a Disney Cruise?  Ready to now?