Dating At Disney World Romance

Dating at Disney World: Finding the Magic in the Air

If someone asked you to go on a date to Walt Disney World, there are probably about a million other places you think you would rather be. The keyword in this sentence, however, is think. How can you be sure that you’d rather have a date night somewhere else if you’ve never tried dating at Disney World? Whether Disney is a trek or a hop, skip, and a jump a way, you may find it worth the travel time to go one a date in the most magical place on earth.

The Romance Experts

After all, who does romance better than Disney? Think about it – your secret dating fantasy that you’ve obviously never told anyone or they would think that you’re a nerd – you and your date order the spaghetti to share, and the two of you are munching away on a noodle, minding your own business when… Oops! You kissed. Then, to cover for the tenderness of the moment, you push a meatball across the plate with your nose. Perfect – just like “Lady and the Tramp,” right? Well, not exactly right, but darn close.

When you think of classic cinematic kisses, you think of Disney.  They come to life at Disney World.
When you think of classic cinematic kisses, you think of Disney.  They come to life at Disney World.

Disney practically invented our modern ideas of romance – princes on white horses, rags to riches, and all that stuff. Magic, Disney style. So why not let the romance gurus show you a thing or two about what you think you know about dating, and maybe you can tap into the magic that flows through Disney. Being the most magical place on earth and all, they certainly can afford to share.

Magic Carpet Ride

So if you’re following the Disney model of romance, you must be familiar with Aladdin. He wins the heart of the fair but feisty Princess Jasmine, by showing her a whole new world, taking her to exotic places on a magic carpet ride. You may not have a magic carpet, but lucky for you, you don’t need one to show your date the world. The Epcot World Showcase is host to pavilions from 11 different countries including France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and many more. Each pavilion has authentic cultural pieces from each country on display, along with food, games, shopping, and art. You can travel the world just by wandering the World Showcase, and most importantly, you can do it together.

If you are willing to go on an even greater adventure, you can expand beyond the real world to a world of fantasy – breathtaking beaches, giant castles that light up, nightly fireworks and dessert parties, and so many more magical activities are all at your fingertips when you date at Disney. Don’t forget that in the Animal Kingdom, you can essentially go on a mini-safari of the world, see animals you’ve only ever seen in the zoo up close and personal, taste the flavors of Africa and have some fun getting scared by animatronic Dinosaurs. To clarify, mini is a generous word considering that the Animal Kingdom is home to 1700 animals that come from 250 species and live in over 500 acres of environments. Almost anything you and your date want to do is possible at Disney. It’s almost as good as if you had a magic lamp with Robin Williams inside, but he might make for an awkward third wheel on your date.

Be Our Guest

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle was feeling trapped and lonely until the Beast and his servants put on a feast in her honor. Dancing soups, cakes as high as the ceiling, and every delicacy of Belle’s wildest dreams helped her to see into the Beast’s heart, how hard he was trying to show his love for her. Maybe you’re not a hideous monster with a curse on you, but perhaps you’re a bit selfish sometimes, or your forgot an anniversary – hey, we all make mistakes right? What a better way to remind your date of how much you care for them by treating them to a feast?

Great Food And Fun For Grown Ups

In addition to the hundreds of wonderful restaurants spread throughout the parks, there are some more “adult-friendly” places to eat as well. For foreign cuisine, check out the restaurants in Epcot’s World Showcase while you are experiencing a whole new world.

Be Disney’s guest at Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. This one of a kind, super upscale restaurant serves a gourmet meal in seven courses in an intimate, exclusive dining room. Besides being some of the finest food you will ever stuff your face with – err, sample delicately – Victoria and Albert’s has 700 wines on their menu and 4200 in the cellar.  The prices are high, and men need to wear a jacket, but the experience is perfect – especially for celebrating very special occasions.

If that is a bit upscale for your tastes, you and you date can check out the dining room at Wolfgang Puck’s for some fresh fusion cuisine, Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, the California Grill on top of the Contemporary Hotel, and more. If you’re not getting the drift, at Disney World, you will find some of the best restaurants in the world within a stone’s throw of each other. You will find something succulent to suite your palette.

In addition to eating and exploring, you can go on rides, see live shows like The Festival of the Lion King or Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba, and even just enjoy each other’s company playing in the pool or having a drink at your resort hotel.

Finding Love And Loving A Good Time

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is truly the most magical place on earth, because no matter who you are, you can find something you love there. Not just something you like, but something you love. So if you and your date explore, eat, and enjoy together, you are bound to find something that you love. You may just be pleasantly surprised to learn that the thing you love the most at Disney is each other.