Creative Ways to Capture Disney Character Autographs

Whether you are 3, 13, or 30 years old, everyone loves getting autographs from the characters at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Everyone loves interacting with Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, and getting them to sign your autograph book is a magical moment, but if you are a teenager or an adult, carrying around an autograph book may be a little embarrassing. You might feel as if you shouldn’t have an autograph book (I know it’s hard to believe, but there are some people out there who feel this way!) Or maybe your child just simply has way too many autograph books and there’s no more room on the bookshelf in your home. I think I may have found a solution.

There are so many unique things you can bring to your next trip “home” that won’t make you have to shove another autograph book onto your shelf, or make you feel a little “out of place” carrying around an autograph book. Here is a list of ideas for you to think about before your next trip to Disney!

1 – Photo Mat

Personally, I have done this a few times, and I absolutely love it. (The characters love it too. They always hang the frame off of their noses, or pretend to be the photo in the frame). I feel like this is aimed more towards teenagers and adults, simply because you have to be careful not to bend the frame while walking around the parks. You can get any size photo mat you want, bring different color markers, and have the characters sign the mat. When you get home, print your favorite picture and hang it up on your wall. This makes for the perfect frame for your favorite memory on the trip.

Collect autographs on the mat for a photograph, then put it back in the frame when you get home for a wonderful piece of art.
Collect autographs on the mat for a photograph, then put it back in the frame when you get home for a wonderful piece of art.

2 – Pillow Case

I have never tried this one out, but I have seen many people carrying pillow cases around Disney and they look amazing! This can also be signed with markers and makes for a great keepsake. This is a great idea for all ages because, well, we could all use a new pillow case!

3 – The Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters.

This idea is more aimed towards kids, but if you are an adult, have no shame! This, in my mind, is the perfect autograph book. Each page in the book is a different color, it shows a picture of each character and gives a brief description of them, and there’s plenty of empty space for the characters to sign!

4 – 9” Vinylmation

I have done this once and I loved the way it came out. I brought a 9” blank Vinylmation with me to the parks, along with a black Sharpie, and had all the characters sign wherever they wanted. The characters got a kick out of this and many of them started playing with the Vinylmation like it was their own toy. This idea is great for all ages as well.

You might just make a Disney character's day if you ask them to sign a Vinylmation.
You might just make a Disney character’s day if you ask them to sign a Vinylmation.

5 – Backpack

Whether you have a child who is currently in school, or you need something to carry all of your stuff in the next time you go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, people all ages can always use a new backpack. I suggest either a white or black backpack for signatures, but it does not really matter. There are so many different colored Sharpies out there that no matter the color of your backpack, you can always find a color Sharpie that will show up. After all the character sign it, it will be the hottest new accessory you own!

So the next time you are planning your trip to the happiest place on Earth, try out one of these ideas for your next autograph signing. All of these make for great memories and are all a great way to put the autographs on display!

What is your favorite way to collect Disney character autographs?