The Benefits of Wearing Coordinating Clothes During Your Disney World Vacation

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, you’ve certainly seen groups of high schoolers, families, or touring groups wearing matching shirts.

Some suggest what they’re celebrating like “Smith Family Reunion 2016”. Some have the person’s name with the year, and some show what school or organization they’re from. No matter what they’re wearing, they’re easy to spot even in a large crowd.

Why do these people coordinate their clothing, and is it a good idea for your vacation?

Let’s take a look:

5. You won’t lose each other

As I said above, it’s easy to spot other people in your party if you’re all wearing the same shirt. Whether you’ve split off to visit the restroom or place a lunch or dinner order and are reuniting at a table, you won’t have to look very hard to find the people wearing the same shirt as you! What’s more, other Disney guests will recognize that you’re together and will be less likely to cut in between your group.

Matching shirts can help keep your group from getting split apart.
Matching shirts can help keep your group from getting split apart.

This is a great strategy for keeping adults together, but it’s even better if you have small children. You can easily see your child, and it makes it easier for the child to find you after they’ve just gotten off of a ride or were momentarily mesmerized by their favorite Disney character. Also, if a Cast Member notices that your child looks lost, it will be easier for the Cast Member to reunite you with your child. It’s also easier for you and your child to remember what you both are wearing.

4. It looks good in photographs

Whether you have shirts emblazoned with your family name or you simply coordinate colors, your photographs will look more put together. This is especially important if your group invested in the Memory Maker since you’ll be getting all of the photographs taken during your trip. Even if you plan to have the PhotoPass photographer take pictures with a cell phone or camera, the pictures will still come out much better if your clothes match.

3. It gets you noticed in the parks

There are several opportunities to be picked from a crowd for a special event including during a show or even at rope drop. If your group is showing its Disney spirit with matching Disney shirts, it will be much easier for Cast Members to spot you in the crowd, and you’re more likely to be chosen for a special opportunity.

Show your Disney spirit with your clothes!
Show your Disney spirit with your clothes!

2. It makes packing and dressing easier

Packing for a Disney vacation can be stressful, and deciding what to wear each morning can be even worse when a family of four or more is trying to get ready in a small hotel room and get out the door for breakfast and onto the first bus to the parks in the morning.

If you plan to wear matching shirts on each day of your trip, packing will be a breeze, and no one will over or under pack. There also won’t be any question what each person is wearing on a day!

1. It’s a great souvenir

Disney souvenirs are expensive, and I am a big proponent of saving money on souvenirs. Making matching shirts for even one day of your trip not only means you get all of the benefits listed above, but you’ll have a souvenir to keep forever. This might be especially valuable if you have young children. Pull that shirt out in five or ten years from now when your child is graduating high school or college, and see just how much he or she has grown!

Have you ever worn matching shirts to Disney World?