Cheap Disney Tickets

Cheap Disney Tickets

Unfortunately, this “priceless magic sentiment” is not one likely to be shared by your wallet. Fear not, oh ye of little faith – there are options to make your Walt Disney World theme park ticket your springboard to an even better Disney vacation without breaking the bank – you can find some options to help you get cheap Disney tickets (or at least cheaper Disney tickets).

Common Sense

Before you dive headfirst into the exciting world of bargain hunting, there are a few ground rules to be aware of to avoid making an otherwise unwise purchase.

First, the Internet is your “fre-nemy.” If for your Google search, you type into your browser, “discount Disney ticket,” you will find yourself drowning in a list of sites claiming to have this price or that discount. While they are indeed alluring, many of those sites are scams, scalpers, or even offer Disney World Theme Park tickets that are used up.

It is possible to save money when purchasing Disney tickets.
It is possible to save money when purchasing Disney tickets.

Make sure if you use the Internet to find your discounted tickets you are using legitimate, official, travel sites and vacation package sites. Perhaps to ensure you are not being taken for a ride, you may just be better off using the official Disney websites.

Magic Your Way Tickets

One of the best discount ticket options available to you to help you get the most “bang for your buck” is called a “Magic Your Way Ticket.” The cost of theme park admission on a Magic Your Way ticket is on average about half the price of a same-day ticket when it is purchased at the gate.

Base Ticket

With a Magic Your Way Base Ticket, you pay for admission to one theme park per day for every person in your party. This may sound confusing. For example, a family of four staying for three days receives four admissions: broken down – one per person – to three parks, one per day. The cost of each theme park visit drops the more people and more days you add to your itinerary. Extending your vacation can actually save you money!

In addition, with the Magic Your Way Disney Theme Park Tickets, your whole family can be on the same schedule, or if you prefer to have some separate adult time, different members of the family can have different tickets with different schedules.


To make the Magic Your Way Ticket even more worthwhile and affordable, you can customize what the ticket includes. You can bundle Walt Disney World Resort food and lodging with your Orlando theme park admission by adding vacation or dining packages. The lodging options covered in a bundled Magic Your Way Ticket Package range from value-friendly accommodations to the deluxe. If hotels aren’t really your family’s idea of fun, cabin or campground sites can be booked instead. Additionally, more than 100 different restaurants participate in the dining package. Booking the Magic Your Way Plus Dining Package ticket can save you up to 30%, while giving you and your family an even more well rounded Disney vacation experience.

In addition to dining and vacation packages, there are three additional options to maximize the magic of your Walt Disney World Resort stay.

Park Hopper Option

The Park Hopper option is truly outstanding, because it negates one of the only possible negatives about the Magic Your Way Ticket, which is the one park per day limit. By adding the Park Hopper Option to your family’s Magic Your Way Theme Park Ticket, you can go from one park to the next; and if you are really feeling ambitious and energetic, on to the next!

Water Park Fun & More Option

If you choose to add the Water Park Fun & More Option to your Magic Your Way Ticket Package, you that much more fun than you bargained for. This ticket package includes admission to Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports, DisneyQuest indoor theme park, and Disney’s Oak Trail 9-Hole Golf Course, which is perfect for that adult time or if you wish, to add the whole family.

Last but certainly not least, the Water Park Fun & More option covers admission to Disney’s two wet and wild theme parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. How many admissions your Magic Your Way Ticket covers depends on the length of your stay.

No Expiration Option

This final customization option will make any unexpected twists, turns and upside downs of your vacation stress free. Let us say, for example, an illness causes you to miss out on a prepaid day of theme park adventuring, or say, your dog sitter double booked and you need to travel home a day early. Without the “No Expiration Option,” such circumstances would have you panicking as you consider your hard earned money flying away. After all, Magic Your Way Tickets are only good for two weeks after their fist use.

With the No Expiration Option, Magic Your Way tickets eliminate the expiration date option, and thusly eliminate your stress. You and your family could return any day to enjoy your tickets that were not initially taken advantage of.

Extra Magic Hours

If you decide to stay at a resort hotel owned by Disney, you get to take advantage of some extra time the theme parks are open exclusively for your use – called Extra Magic Hours. These are extra hours during the day, some of which are before regular park hours and some are after, that are available only to guests staying in certain Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

Discount Your Ticket, Not Your Vacation Experience

With so many Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks to explore in Orlando, Florida – Magic Kingdom Park, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Disney Water Parks, to name but a few – what you want for your family is an affordable discount price. Avoid discounts that will cheapen your family’s Walt Disney World vacation experience.

What you truly want your family is magic memories shared laughter, and a stress free trip filled with fun that will meet each and every family member’s needs. The bottom line is simple: save, don’t skimp, when finding your discount tickets. An expensive trip can be made manageable by selecting only the options you need on your Walt Disney World’s Magic Your Way Ticket Packaging.