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Disney Changes Boarding Group Procedure For Star Wars – Rise of the Resistance

One of the hottest tickets in Orlando isn’t getting into a theme park. It is getting into one specific ride in one specific theme park: Star Wars – Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Rise of the Resistance is the most ambitious and immersive attraction Disney has ever created. In my opinion, it is the best the company has ever done. There are always more people who want to experience the attraction than there is the capacity to serve them.

Disney has created a Boarding Group procedure, also known as a virtual queue, to organize the crowds of people who want to experience the attraction.  This helps avoid situations where people would wait for hours and hours in a traditional queue.

Disney has adjusted the boarding group process several times since Rise of the Resistance has opened, and they are adjusting the process again.

New Boarding Group Procedure

Beginning November 3, 2020, Disney will implement a new procedure.

Guests who have a Park Pass reservation to enter Hollywood Studios can check for a boarding group starting at 7 am on the day of their visit.  They will no longer need to be in the park to request a boarding group.

Disney will also open a second boarding group window at 2 pm for another chance to request a boarding group.  However, for this window, guests must be inside the park.

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What Has Changed?

The key difference here is that the first window that opens for getting a boarding group opens earlier (7 am vs. 10 am), and guests no longer have to be in the park for the first window.

Increased Ride Capacity

Disney has installed new clear barriers between rows in the attraction vehicles to allow more people to experience the attraction.  They made this change in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

This change will likely allow more people to experience the attraction each day.

Disney has described these changes as “new pilot approach,” so it is possible they will change the boarding group process again in the future.

Glad Disney has changed the boarding group process for Rise of the Resistance?