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Disney Announces 2019 Events to Celebrate Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has long been the iconic character of the Disney brand. In fact, Mickey celebrated his 90th birthday on November 18th.

Disney World is planning a huge party for him, albeit a little belated, and everyone is invited!

Who: Mickey, Minnie, and all their friends!

What: Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration

Where: Magic Kingdom

When: January 18th – September 30th, 2019

Why: Because we like you!

Walt Disney World will celebrate Mickey's 90th birthday starting January 18th!
Walt Disney World will celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday starting January 18th!

Mickey and Minnie will have brand new birthday costumes, and they’ll be meeting and greeting guests together inside of Town Square Theater. While you’re waiting, don’t forget to sign the guest book and leave your thoughts to commemorate Mickey’s birthday!

In the afternoon, you’re invited to the new Move It! Shake It! MouskeDance It! Street Party complete with a new song called “It’s a Good Time”, which will be played multiple times throughout the day.

Mickey Mouse is 90!  Can you believe it?