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Capture Your Moment for $50 with New Disney PhotoPass Offering

Are you planning an exciting surprise like a proposal or pregnancy announcement? Are you planning a special visit for a birthday, family reunion, or graduation? Would you love to capture our little one’s reaction during their first visit?

Disney has a new way to Capture Your Moment whatever the occasion!

Capture Your Moment

Capture Your Moment allows up to eight guests personalized and private access to a PhotoPass Photographer for 20 minutes at one of Magic Kingdom’s most iconic locations including Cinderella Castle. Need more time? Just book two back to back sessions for a total of 40 minutes! The additional booking also allows you to choose up to two locations!


Ready to book? Call 407-939-7758 or your travel agent. Each session is just $50, which is pretty reasonable as photographers go! You will have to pay in full at the time of booking, and back to back sessions should be booked at the same time.

How it Works

Once you arrive, your photographer will tell you about all of the available photoshoot locations and discuss what you’d like to capture. Then they’ll escort you to your chosen location and get to work!

Capture Your Moment now with Disney's new PhotoPass add-on for just $50!
Capture Your Moment now with Disney’s new PhotoPass add-on for just $50!

The Fine Print

As always, there are some rules you have to follow.

Have a prop like an engagement ring or some new Mickey Ears? You’re welcome to bring them with you, but any items brought in must comply with Disney’s park rules. You will need valid admission to get into the park, and you’ll have to go through security as always. Disney does not allow wedding attire for this experience, but you can wear anything else as long as it meets Disney’s park rules.

Capture Your Moment is only available during regular park hours and is only available at Magic Kingdom for now. If it’s successful, it will likely expand to other parks in the future.

It isn’t necessary for you to tip your photographer, but if you think they do a really good job, you may tip if you want to.

Finally, guests arriving late to their session will forfeit that time since the photographer likely needs to get to another session.

Is there a catch?

The only catch here is that you’ll have to purchase your photos separately, which is pretty standard for photography sessions. However, if you have a PhotoPass entitlement like a separately purchased MemoryMaker or an Annual Pass, you can download the photos at no extra cost.

Can I still use PhotoPass?

Yes! PhotoPass is still available at no extra cost for all guests. Nothing about the PhotoPass experience has changed with the Capture Your Moment add-on.

Interested in personalized Magic Kingdom photography with Capture Your Moment?