Building An Enhanced Castle: Fabricating The 50th Decorations (Video)

How do you enhance an icon?  How do you plus a castle?

Very carefully.

I had a chance to talk with Kendall, a Fabrication Designer with Walt Disney Imagineering.  He explained his role and the process that Disney used to design, create, and install the 50th Anniversary adornments for Cinderella Castle.

The process started by scanning Cinderella Castle to make an accurate, 3D computer model.  Then, the teams designed and created the turret covers, bunting, and crest online.  Because the teams were able to create and test everything on the computer first, the end product decorations fit like hand-and-glove on the castle.

I think the teams did a great job of honoring the beauty of the iconic and beloved castle while still enhancing it for the 50th celebration.

Let’s take a look:

Do you like the 50th Anniversary decorations on Cinderella Castle?