Infant At Disney World

Bringing Kids To Disney World? Ideas For Infants

If you have an infant or a toddler, and tell your friends and family you are taking them to Disney World, you might get many different reactions.

Some people will say that the children will never remember the experience, so why would you bother? Others say that kids can’t take the crowds and heat. And others will just come out and say that you are crazy.

But bringing an infant to Disney World can be a great experience for your entire family if you do it right. Here are some tips on how to plan for a great Disney World Vacation, even with infants in tow:

Plenty To Do

When Walt Disney came up with the idea for the modern Disney theme park, as we know it today, he was specifically thinking of ways that parents and children could have fun together. Many attractions, especially at the Magic Kingdom, have no height requirement at all so the entire family can experience the ride together. For those that do have a height requirement, you can ask to use the Baby Swap system – where the family waits together, then one parent rides while the other stands by with the child, and then they switch. This allows moms and dads to experience all rides without double waits.

Disney is very used to dealing with kids.  Take advantage of the services they offer, like Baby Care Centers.
Disney is very used to dealing with kids.  Take advantage of the services they offer, like Baby Care Centers.

Disney rents strollers, but there are three issues with them: they are hard, they are expensive, and they aren’t allowed outside the parks. While these strollers might work for older kids who can walk more and who won’t be quite as fussy about the hard surface, you will probably want your own familiar stroller for an infant.

Don’t Bring A Car Seat If…

This tip applies only if you are going to use Disney transportation exclusively. You do not need, and actually cannot bring along, a car-seat on Disney operated buses, boats, and monorails. You will be able to hold your child during these times. If you are driving, renting a car, or planning to use taxis, then, of course, you do need to bring a car seat.

Visit The Baby Care Centers

Each park has a Baby Care Center that offers a cool, quiet place to breast feed or simply take a break. They do sell baby products, like formula and diapers, but the selection is limited and the prices are high. Plan ahead, and bring your own baby supplies, or plan for a parent to make a run to a nearby grocery store to pick up the supplies you need for your stay.

Come In Force

If you have more than two children, you might want to consider bringing some help along. Yes, the two of you take care of your entire brood at home, but when you are in a different place, having an extra set of hands – whether it is grandparents, friends, a baby sitter, or a nanny – can be a big help in keeping yourself organized.

Be Flexible

It is often a good idea to keep as close to a normal schedule as possible, including times for waking up, naps, and going to bed. That might mean that you can’t take advantage of those evening Extra Magic Hours where you ride Space Mountain multiple times at midnight, but that is the sacrifice you make as a parent.

Also, realize that while your kids will probably enjoy the attractions and parades, they may be equally enthralled by a waterfall or someone blowing bubbles, or really anything that is a simple pleasure of life:  just go with it.

Fun To Be Had

You can have a great vacation with an infant at Disney World. Just follow the tips above. Oh, and be sure to take plenty of pictures so that you can help remind your little one of the great time they had – just in case they don’t remember the trip.

What do you think about bringing little kids to Disney World?