Book Review: One Day at Disney

The little details around a Disney Park are what sets the company so far ahead of the competition. Since the infancy of Disneyland, the details have always been a top priority with no cost or obstacle being an issue. From the placement of trashcans to the type of plants used around the various lands, there has always been a reason for the details…. no matter how big or small.

Walking around the Parks is something stepping into a movie. The smells of freshly baked treats enrobe you, the absence of litter is apparent as soon as you enter the gates, and the landscaping provides such a strong sense of immersion that you forget you’re just miles outside of normal life. All this is chalked up to a bit of Pixie Dust and Disney Magic.

But someone has to sprinkle the dust and create the magic, right?

The People Behind the Magic

One Day at Disney is a terrific book that the Walt Disney Company published, showcasing a number of cast members who work backstage ensuring everything at the company runs smoothly. The book has also been adapted into a Disney+ series.

Full of colorful images and brief descriptions of various cast member and employee duties, this piece gives you a glimpse behind the curtain that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Each page of One Day at Disney will introduce you to a different area in the company and tell you what it’s like to work in that job for a day.

Some of the positions include an ESPN anchor, a stage performer, and even an animator. The highlights for me are the positions that you may never have thought existed, such as a SCUBA mechanic who works on all the attractions that feature water.

One Day at Disney. Photo credits (C) Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved
One Day at Disney. Photo credits (C) Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

If you’re looking for an awesome coffee table book, One Day at Disney is a good choice. I find myself routinely looking through all the awesome images featured in the book.

You can buy the book on Amazon (affiliate link).

The Disney+ series follows pretty closely to the book, and provides more information, but nothing beats the fun of having a giant book on your coffee table that everyone can look through.

Have you read One Day at Disney, or watched on Disney+?