Best Quick Service Restaurant in Each Disney World Park

The Walt Disney World Resort has literally hundreds of different restaurants on its property. You could go to a different restaurant every day for weeks on end without doubling back. Most of the table service restaurants offer both a unique experience as well as good food.

With quick service restaurants, however, the quality tends to vary a bit more. Yes, many of them will serve up a decent hamburger or hotdog, and that can be some good clean fun on occasion. Howeever, if you want something a bit more unique or a bit tastier, you need to search just a little bit harder.

Let’s take a look at what I consider to be the best quick service restaurant at each Disney World Park.

Magic Kingdom

Restaurant: Be Our Guest (lunch, since at dinner time the restaurant transforms into a table service location)

Location: Fantasyland

Food: French food including Croque Monsieur, Carved Turkey Sandwich, and Braised Pork.

Why it’s so good: The atmosphere of the various dining rooms is both beautiful and elegant, complete with amazing details. It looks like you have truly stepped into Beauty and the Beast. Beyond great atmosphere, the food choices are varied, especially unique, and delicious. It’s easy to see why this is the only Quick Service restaurant that takes Advanced Dining Reservations.

Be Our Guest: Unique French food in beautiful surroundings.
Be Our Guest: Unique French food in beautiful surroundings.


Restaurant: Sunshine Seasons Cafe

Location: Future World / The Land pavilion

Food: A number of food stations serves a variety of choices, including rotisserie meats, vegetarian options, Asian food, and desserts from the bakery.

Why it’s so good: While the wide open spaces in the dining area are nice, the real star at the Sunshine Seasons Café is the food. There is a wide variety of choices to keep everyone in your party happy, and the food is really delicious.

Variety is the name of the game in the Sunshine Seasons Cafe.
Variety is the name of the game in the Sunshine Seasons Cafe.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Restaurant: Sunset Ranch Market, which includes Catalina Eddie’s, Fairfax Fare, Rosie’s All American Café, and Toluca Turkey Legs

Location: Sunset Blvd.

Food: The various buildings that make up the Sunset Ranch Market offer choices including barbecue, pizza, hamburgers, and Disney’s famous and humongous turkey legs.

Why it’s so good: Among all the Disney theme parks, selecting a “best” quick service restaurant was most difficult at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While this park has some amazing sit down restaurants including the 50’s Primetime Café and the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, quality choices are harder to come by in quick service restaurants. Right or wrong, for me the Sunset Ranch Market wins by default. It not only offers typical theme park fare but also some other interesting options. I’m an especially big fan of the barbecue and the turkey legs.

The best barbecue in the Studios.
The best barbecue in the Studios.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Restaurant: Flame Tree Barbecue

Location: Discovery Island

Food: barbecue.

Why it’s so good: The ribs and other barbecue delights at Flame Three Barbecue set a new standard for theme park food. Disney cooks the ribs with a special smoking process which makes them simply wonderful. I personally consider Flame Tree Barbecue to be one of the best quick service restaurants in all of Walt Disney World.

Flame Tree Barbecue: simply delicious.
Flame Tree Barbecue: simply delicious.

Disney Springs

Restaurant: Earl of Sandwich

Location: Marketplace

Food: Just as a name states, you get a huge variety of sandwiches here, as well as side dishes and desserts.

Why it’s so good: First, I realize that Disney Springs isn’t a theme park, but there are so many dining choices here I thought it deserved a mention. There is a good reason why you typically see a long line of people snaking through the queue at Earl of Sandwich. The sandwiches are delicious and the prices, especially for Disney World, are very reasonable.

Earl of Sandwich has long lines for a good reason.
Earl of Sandwich has long lines for a good reason.

What is your favorite quick service restaurant at Disney World?