Banned From Disney For Life – Adam The Woo

Trespassing is a serious offense. Do you think that Disney's action to ban Adam The Woo was appropriate?

There are plenty of terrible punishments in this world – life in prison, losing your driver’s license, and giving up chocolate just to name a few. But for a Disney fan, the most extreme punishment is fortunately unusual but also very cruel – being banned from ever visiting Disney World again, for life.

About Adam

A man who goes by the moniker “Adam The Woo” has gained something of a cult following by breaking into restricted areas around Disney World. He’s been in backstage areas, and perhaps most famously taken an unauthorized tour of River Country – the long abandoned and very dilapidated first water park that Disney build in the days before Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach (see video below).

Adam claims to be a Disney fan – which makes sense – why else would someone go to all the trouble of tracking down all these off-limits locations, filming them, and posting them to YouTube? He says he was not given any warning about his activities, and was surprised by the severity of the banning decision.

Disney doesn't mess around when it comes to security.

Disney doesn’t mess around when it comes to security.

It is probably true that Adam didn’t get a warning, but I’ve also got to say I don’t get warnings when I’m pulled over for speeding in my car. Disney has restricted areas where guests are not allowed for good reasons, ranging from safety to ‘preserving the magic’.

Why Would Disney Ban Someone

On the surface the idea of a ban is to keep troublemakers out. But at a deeper level, the purpose of a ban might be to serve as a severe warning that will allow Disney an easier way (politically and legally) to press criminal charges against someone who was banned.

How Could Disney Enforce The Ban?

It might be very difficult to enforce a ban. After all, there is no ‘single’ entrance to Disney World. There are four theme parks, two water parks, and dozens of Disney hotels and other restaurants, shops, and attractions to monitor.

Some might think that Disney could use the “fingerprint scanners” at the entrance to the park gates to uniquely identify people who are banned. However, sources report that these devices do not actually scan and store your fingerprint. Instead, they are biometric scanners that measure key points about your finger and use a calculation to convert that information into a single number that is only unique to about one in a thousand. That information is associated with your individual admission ticket.  That’s good enough to ensure you don’t share your annual pass with a friend, but not good enough to uniquely identify someone on a ban list.

Have Other Been Banned?

While I wasn’t able to find anything official, there are plenty of stories around the internet about people being banned.

See Adam’s Work

Here is a video of Adam touring (trespassing in) the closed River Country water park. More than 175,000 others have viewed this video:

Adam explores River Country – illegally.

What do you think about Adam’s ban from Disney World?



About the author

Herb is the founder, author, webmaster, chief executive, and chief bottle washer for World Of Walt – and he is the Disney enthusiast who put this site together. Ever since his parents took him to the Magic Kingdom on a family vacation as a youngster, he has had an interest in the magic that Disney creates for families.

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  • Jane Faatz Mitchell

    I think it is appropriate to ban him for trespassing. That is off limits for a reason, and if he trespassed somewhere else that had signs posted, he could be prosecuted. What would happen if, when doing his trespassing, he fell and got injured? He would turn around and sue Disney. I know someone who, while in the Magic Kingdom, climbed on a big rock in Frontierland that has a sign posted to not climb, and fell, and subsequently sued. I think they did a settlement. She was wrong, and the Disney Company should not be liable for fools who don’t follow posted signs.

    • Chris

      You don’t know he would sue, so don’t project. And you think they settled, perhaps they didn’t! I know of a number of people who’ve sued disney, lost and got stuck with over $300k in legal fees. As if suing someone is guaranteed to cost those you sue and net you a reward. This anti-litigious atmosphere in this country breeds ignorance of the highest levels!

  • PuppetMaster2

    It’s guys like this who go in restricted areas, falls or get hurt then tries to turn around with a lawsuit against Disney. Good for them for banning him

    • Chris

      and Disney fights and the plaintif loses and gets stuck with legal fees. Do you even know how a law suit works!? You act like the act of suing is sending them a fine they have to settle…. -_-

  • Steve Dishon

    He should be banned for 3 reasons:

    1)He is unaware of how to work a water fountain.
    2)He just had me sit through 8+ minutes of him telling me it’s “River Country” over and over and over.
    3)He calls himself Adam The Woo and he is an adult.

    • Calvin Murphy

      “He calls himself Adam The Woo and he is an adult.” This coming from a person who’s profile picture is a comic book character that only lasted 6 issues.

  • Robin Daubert Horst

    Rules are rules and if you break them you pay the piper, in this case it is a ban fo life. Seems like it got what he he deserved.

  • Breezanemom

    He’s lucky Disney didn’t have him arrested. Banning should be the least of his worries!

  • dell02

    adam the who???? with that name id keep him out also.

  • Tom the doo

    They should cut off his wee wee

    • kyle crane

      thank you for bringing the important matters to the table.

    • Aaron Stone

      No Comment,No Comment,No Comment.

  • debbie

    Wow, why doesn’t Disney go in there and clean that up? People will continue to break in and someone is likely to get hurt.

  • Victoria Brofman

    He should b banned. He broke the law. That said, I was sorry to see what has become of RiverCountry. We used to stay at Fort Wilderness and always enjoyed going to RiverCountry. It was small enough to be able to keep track of the kids. Wish Disney would consider opening it for Campground guests only. I know it probably takes a lot of people to run it but maybe they could open it a few hours a day or maybe a couple of days a week.

  • Andy2x

    I’m torn. On one had he is doing something stupid and dangerous, but on the other he is sharing things with people who might never have known these awesome parks/rides existed without his idiotic trespassing.

  • Woo Head

    All these comments from people bashing Adam have no idea about him.Adam has been to tons of places that are closed and forgotten still on the move to this day.I for one follow Adam long live the Woo

    • Aaron Stone

      INURBEX – lol.If only you knew the REAL Adam The Woo.PPL don’t dislike someone just for the heck of it.They have reasons.Adam has done a good job of pulling the cover over PPL’s eyes over the years.What you see in the vids is what he wants you to see & know.His dream of a TV show will never happen.The reason why is because there’s not a big demand to see Abandoned structures & to see forgotten things across the U.S..Why this is,I honestly don’t know.There’s a Code Of Conduct that U.E.’s go by & my lips are sealed on the rest.Support U.E. Magazine & the fight against Vandalism!!

  • Kelly Smith-Powell

    I think it’s bull crap! Adam does this type of “work” and what in the heck do they have to hide? Maybe a warning–but banning him–shame on Walt Disney World!!

  • travis abandonthemidwest

    Keep up the good work Adam the Woo! Fight the power

  • Kelly Smith-Powell

    It’s obvious there’s not a lot of “Adam the Woo” fans here! So why are you looking at his shit?

  • Shane Miner

    Disney is the one to blame.Leaving something like this to rot what do you expect.People get curious it’s just human nature.If they don’t want somebody hurt just tear it down period.Disney has the money trust me and why they abandoned a place like this for so many years and not do nothing with it what is the point of it be there.

    • Gilbert Henry

      Really, Disney is to blame? So if I leave my front door unlocked and you walk into my house and steal my TV, am I to blame? It amazes me that people see someone like Adam perform an act that is clearly illegal and they defend him. Where is the sense of personal responsibility? Oh, that’s right, we don’t have that in our country any more. Must be why our jails are so full these days. Everything we do wrong is always somebody else’s fault. Ugh.

      • Carlos Nunes-Sabean

        Disney didn’t try to stop him the previous times, they let him on his merry ways, even though we know that they knew what he was doing. He didn’t steal anything, cause any damage, or hurt anyone. So the least the could of done is warn him.

  • Peter Pod Cresswell

    Adam the woo is awesome end of

  • Randy

    Adam has more of a love for Disney than any of you Mommy bloggers ever will.I’m sure he appreciates you watching his videos and fueling The Woo.

  • Kevin O’Brien

    First off He Wasn’t Banned for making this Video because it was made over Two years ago and he was just banned recently while enjoying a day at the Park!!So the ones saying its the same as a speeding ticket you’re way off!! ” Do you know why I’ve pulled you over today sir? Not Really? I Seen you doing 10 miles over the limit Two Years ago and thought now would be a good time to issue the ticket!!” That would never work!!!

    • Gilbert Henry

      Last time I checked, if there is a warrant out for your arrest, and the statue of limitations hasn’t expired, it doesn’t matter that they didn’t catch you in the act. You say it would never work, but it does work.

      • blob

        Sex Panther! 60% of the time it works everytime!

  • Veraletta Look

    I love watching Adam vidoes as he goes places that most people wouldn’t dare go.. We all have that side of us, that wants to explore the world around us and that is the best part about watching Adam’s video. Though I do understand that Disney can’t have everyone breaking rules and going where ever they want to go for safety issues. To be banned for life is just crazy, its like a parents saying your grounded until your 30 years old. I think they could have banned him for 2 or even 5 years and up it each time someone does it again.

  • Tank McKenzie

    A slightly loaded piece about urban exploring
    and Adam The Woo. Herb you are clearly so far up Disney’s backside it’s untrue.
    You don’t get a warning for speeding? You do, it’s call a speed limit! Are you
    seriously this loved up to the corporation that you can’t write an honest

    Firstly it would have been better for Disney to
    add him to the payroll for insurance purposes, even for a dollar a year. They
    could have approved him to free wonder the disused sites and document them. By
    allowing him it would have helped further promote Disney to a wider audience.
    The comments about suing Disney…..these comments are really based on your
    culture as a whole rather than the individual so save you time and don’t bother.

    Secondly the opportunity missed to get Adam to
    work alongside Disney on the issues of trespass at abandoned features, would
    have been the better way to pursue the matter, after all he clearly see’s access
    to these sites and uses them so why not work to remove them.

    Adam has been giving them free advertising and
    in no way has he slandered them, he goes so far to say how much he is a fan and
    loves the company. So what’s the problem? If you don’t like the videos don’t
    watch! If you do keep watching or is that too simple for you? I for one will
    continue to watch.

    Banning Adam, from the currently in use
    parks, will not put other people off entering the out of use sites and it will
    not prevent people from wondering around restricted areas. Urban explorers
    generally go where they want so it’s a weak argument.

    • hleibac

      Well Tank, I respect your opinion, but I disagree with it.

      Let’s look at it this way: If someone trespassed on my personal property, say breaking into and taking pictures of the junk stored in my attic, I wouldn’t simply ban them from visiting my house – I would have them arrested.

      I would not thank them for telling everyone what great stuff I have in my attic. That’s my business. Maybe I don’t want folks to know about my clutter.

      I would not want to have the liability that they might get injured in my attic. I haven’t taken the time or money to make my attic a safe place.

      And I certainly would not pay them for invading my privacy. If I wanted to advertise the junk in my attic, I would have chosen to done so myself – thank you very much.

      To be perfectly honest, I have to admit that the I find Adam’s videos interesting. It is somehow fascinating – and a bit sad – to look at places that are off limits.

      But it is still a breach of privacy, dangerous, and illegal. Disney had every right to not only ban him but have him arrested. They probably didn’t want the hassle.

      Maybe you would feel differently if an unwelcome stranger were poking around your attic? The situation is no different.

  • Melanie Minnich

    hell with Disney, i love seeing abandoned crap like this and i would do it too! sick of people closing down parks and making them look like this!!!!! like cedar fair.

  • Melanie Minnich

    why do they still have the music playing? electricity bill!! odd

  • Melanie Minnich

    did they just leave this with lights on and stuff?

  • You

    disney is to blame? Give me a break. they overreacted with the ban, but Disney shouldn’t have to tear it down so people won’t trespass. He knew better and who cares anyways, just a bunch of old buildings.

  • jimmy

    Disney should have hired him not banned him. For some of us disney enthusiasts its more than the daily magic that is provided. Its the memories of those magiccal times we spent with our families at walt disney world. Adam shows us things that once were. Things that were someones magical memories long forgotten. He shows us things we may have never seen or even knew existed. Yes he broke the rules. For that there is a punishment. With times as they are and companys like disney who have to stay relivent, why not think outside the box. Adam the woo is the perfect mouthpiece for them. The only thing i can say is that he never damaged property or stole anything. Who knows with time maybe they can reach an agreement and lift the ban. Life time ban is a little harsh. We all have a love of something or a hobby. This was his and alot of us share his passion. The punishment dosent fit the crime.

  • Nick Waring

    Disney is a massive product. Adam clearly loves the product enough to want to know everything about it past and present, it’s not like he’s going to places to smash them up, he’s there to document them before they disappear completely. If a customer loves your product that much it seems a strange thing to say ‘no you like it too much and have gone too far, you’re banned!’

    They also had ways of contacting him and knew about what he did for quite some time so a warning would have been a very easy thing to do and because of the guys love of Disney I’m sure he would have paid attention if a ban was a possibility.
    Disney actively encourage fans to become more and more interested with events like Haunted Mansion dinner specials and they should have a plan of action for fans that possibly go too far in their eyes and it shouldn’t be such a finite solution.

  • Robert Reid

    without a doubt the lifetime ban is WAY over the top. he trespassed on Disney property with the sole intent of making people excited and more interested in going to the Disney world theme parks. he NEVER broke anything, stole anything or put any Disney employee in harms way!!! Disney created the worlds we are so obsessed with. they need to understand that. Walt Disney himself would be ashamed of how Disney security handled this. I GUARANTEE YOU! he would understand why Adam did what he did. a severe warning with the threat of a life time ban and a promise to NEVER do it again would be enough. that is how Walt would of handled it, this is how the current Disney administration SHOULD be handling it….

  • Murray

    I have recently “discovered” Adam the Woo’s videos and site about 6 months ago. Love his explorations and seeing what happened to this or that. I find him very respectful in how he explores as he does no harm and gives interesting insight and background. He injects a element of humor and fun as well.
    His productions can at times be a bit rough and a few just plain weird but you can see he is evolving. What I enjoy most is his passion.
    Disney does have the right to ban any and all for trespass that they see fit. They don’t want others to be encouraged to jump barriers or go into employee areas for security and safey issues. They seem to have ignored his previous explorations but he caught their attention perhaps doing so many at one time. The are going to make an example of him.
    I would love to see a some sort of a compromise as he does seem to really love all things Disney and his fans would not be so angered against Disney. Perhaps allow him entrance but no filming , or allow him to come back once to film a guided behind the scenes tour of some area that people are curious about. Then you have a win win situation.
    Just a thought.

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